‘Mortal Kombat X’ Dominated PS4 Sales Last Month, While ‘GTA V’ And ‘Minecraft’ Topped Last-Gen Charts

Following the launch Mortal Kombat X on current-gen consoles last month, the return of the classic fighting series managed to become the highest selling digital title on the PlayStation 4 in April. As they do each month, Sony released the digital sales charts for game sales made via the PS Store on the official PlayStation Blog, which confirmed the success of Mortal Kombat X as the violent title claimed the top spot across all PS4 online sales.

Of course, the game’s dominance over PlayStation 4 sales during the month of April comes at little surprise after Mortal Kombat X quickly began topping the weekly charts after its release. A GameSpot report from late last month revealed that Mortal Kombat X has already become the fastest-selling entry of the popular fighting franchise. Furthermore, more than 60 percent of all Mortal Kombat X sales were on the PlayStation 4. These figures make it easy to see how the game was found at the top of the console’s digital sales last month.

Coming in behind Mortal Kombat X, the PS4-exclusive Bloodborne claimed the No. 2 spot, while MLB 15 The Show rounded out the top three top-selling titles on Sony’s current-gen console for the month of April.

Grand Theft Auto V

Since Mortal Kombat X won’t launch on last-gen platforms until later this summer, PlayStation 3 games didn’t yet have to compete with the fighting game’s success. This left long-time PS3 chart-toppers to once again lead digital sales on the PlayStation 3, as Grand Theft Auto V dominates the list, with Minecraft coming in second.

While gamers may be accustomed to seeing Minecraft at the top of the PlayStation Network sales charts, 4J Studios console ports of the popular block-building title rebounded last month following an uncharacteristic recent dip on the charts. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Minecraft fell to the No. 9 spot on the PS3 in the month of March. The previous sales figures also saw the PS4 version of Minecraft drop to the bottom of the top ten. Along with Minecraft‘s improvement on the PS3 in April, the PlayStation 4 edition of the game also climbed back up to become the sixth top-selling digital title for the month.

Minecraft - 4J Studios

Mortal Kombat X also beat out all other PS Store Sales for PlayStation 4 add-ons last month, with Mortal Kombat X: Kombat Pack and the Mortal Kombat X: Goro character pack earning the distinction of being the first and second most sold DLC content over the PlayStation Network in April.

Did you contribute to the success of Mortal Kombat X by purchasing the game from the PS Store in April?

[Images via Mortal Kombat, Rockstar Games, Mojang]