Melissa Rivers: $100M Inheritance Is Bunk And A Lawsuit The Only Way To Solve Mother’s Death

Since her famous mother died last October, the rumor mill has insisted Melissa Rivers has been made significantly richer with a $100 inheritance from mom Joan’s estate.

Melissa revealed in an interview on E!‘s Wendy Williams Show that she even had to double check to make sure the media reports about the purported inheritance weren’t correct. And Rivers found that indeed, she wasn’t loaded after all.

“That was a giant exaggeration to the point where I read it so many places, I picked up my phone and called my business manager. I said, ‘Do I have $100 million?’ He was like, ‘No…’ ‘Maybe you forgot to tell me …’ ‘No, I didn’t forget to tell you, you don’t have it.’ “

That’s settles it then. Whatever the inheritance, it’s nowhere near that much.

For now, Melissa is promoting a new book, raising her son Cooper, and has initiated a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the medical practice responsible for Joan Rivers’ sudden death last year, Us Weekly reported.

In other words, the amount of any inheritance she may have received since the comedienne’s death is irrelevant.

Making the choice to take legal action wasn’t an easy one, she admitted, but it is necessary just so she can get some answers about what happened that day in October, 2014, at Yorkville Endoscopy, when her mom had an unplanned biopsy on her throat, stopped breathing, and died. She was age 81.

“Filing this lawsuit was one of the most difficult decisions I’ve ever had to make. What ultimately guided me was my unwavering belief that no family should ever have to go through what my mother, Cooper, and I have been through. The level of medical mismanagement, incompetency, disrespect and outrageous behavior is shocking and frankly, almost incomprehensible. Not only did (she) deserve better, every patient deserves better. It is my goal to make sure that this kind of horrific medical treatment never happens to anyone again.”

Without a lawsuit that will legally compel Yorkville Endoscopy to account for their actions — or to just unseal their records about Rivers’ procedure — her daughter may never know the truth.

“I need to know, I need answers. (I) have no choice but to sue,” she said.

Meanwhile, Melissa also talked about Fashion Police, its return in September, and its collapse following Rivers’ death. The comedienne had matriarchal role over the show’s panel, which will be different when it returns to TV, Time added.

“It’s just sitting down and saying ‘Okay, we went back too fast.’ We didn’t realize how much everybody was mourning. It really was a family and the sisters started to have a fight, and all these things kind of happened. We lost our matriarch, and now we’re figuring it out again.”

[Photo Courtesy: Carlo Allegri/Getty Images]