‘RHONJ’ Season 7 Cast: Teresa Giudice Is The Only Housewife On Board, Joe Lands Spinoff

The RHONJ Season 7 cast will include Teresa Giudice. In fact, Bravo has reportedly halted production on the series until after the mother of four is released from prison later this year.

On May 13, a source revealed the following to All Things Real Housewives in regard to Giudice’s role with the RHONJ Season 7 cast.

“They are waiting for Teresa to get out to film. The other ladies have not signed on yet.”

Prior to the news surfacing, it was believed Jacqueline Laurita would be welcomed back to the show for RHONJ Season 7 — especially after her Season 6 return saw an increase in ratings. However, now that she and Giudice are reportedly on the oats, her role on the show is in jeopardy.

“Teresa is refusing to film with Jacqueline. So her return is no longer guaranteed. Bravo has given a lot of power to Teresa.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Bravo was said to be eyeing Laurita for a full-time role on RHONJ Season 7 just months ago. Although Laurita was initially let go after Season 5, Bravo brought her back after ratings on the show dropped substantially in the early episodes of Season 6. According to a Radar Online report, Laurita’s return was part-time during Season 6, but would be upgraded during RHONJ Season 7.

“Production has made it very clear that they want Jacqueline back… And they don’t want her back just for cameos, either. Production is planning to offer Jacqueline as a contract for a full-time housewife.”

“It was very clear with an examination of the ratings that Jacqueline’s appearance had a huge impact on the show… Bravo is certain that with her back on the show, the ratings would continue to be strong.”

Although the All Things Real Housewives source claimed Bravo “should be careful about giving her too much say in what goes on” during RHONJ Season 7, they added, “People will definitely watch out of curiosity!”

In addition, the source confirmed Giudice’s husband, Joe, will do a spin-off featuring himself and his four daughters as they navigate through life without Giudice.

“Teresa is supportive of Joe. She has been involved in all the decisions that have been made.”

Giudice will be released from custody later this year, just before the holidays, at which point filming on RHONJ is expected to begin.

RHONJ Season 7 has not yet been officially confirmed by Bravo, as has Joe’s reported spin-off with the girls.

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