New ‘RHONY’ Couple? Bethenny Frankel Is Reportedly Dating Michael Toppel

Has a new RHONY couple gone public? Judging by a few just-released photos, it seems like a possibility. On May 13, Radar Online shared photos of Frankel and a mystery man, later identified as Boca Raton businessman Michael Toppel.

According to the site, the rumored new RHONY couple went on two dates in New York City this past weekend, one at Greenwich Village’s Bar Pitti and another at Madison Avenue’s Zuma. However, a source told the NY Post the RHONY couple was “just friends.”

The alleged RHONY couple was first seen together in Miami Beach, the New York Gossip Gal reported, and while there, several photos were snapped of the pair.

Toppel was previously married to stunning blonde socialite Brooke Toppel and has two children. Meanwhile, Frankel was most recently liked to Michael “Mac” Cerussi and has one child from her previous marriage to Jason Hoppy.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, former RHONY couple Frankel and Cerussi parted ways in March, and right away, rumors began swirling in regard to what caused the split. Then, after a snippet from Frankel’s book spoke of a turmoil filled relationship, possibly that of the former RHONY couple, Cerussi was accused of partying too hard for the single mother. In the excerpt, via Radar Online, Frankel revealed the following.

“I am the girl who is up writing books at four a.m. while the guy I’m dating is probably out getting bombed at some sports bar. He says he is envious of my ability to multitask, but I am envious of his ability to sleep in all morning when he can. I can’t do that.”

A while later, a source told Us Weekly the reason behind the RHONY couple’s split was their differing lifestyles.

“They’re in different places in their lives and they were headed down different paths. They were cohabitating for a bit, but are not anymore. She’s been dating other people. She’d be happy in a committed relationship with someone new, but truly doesn’t want to get married again.”

For weeks, Frankel remained silent in regard to her split from Cerussi, but eventually, she took to Twitter where she denied the rumors, telling fans Cerussi was a “kind” and “amazing” man.

Despite Frankel and Cerussi’s breakup, the former RHONY couple will likely be seen together at some point during The Real Housewives of New York City‘s currently airing seventh season.

[Photo via Twitter]