Kim Kardashian Furious Over Vogue Cover Snub, Especially Since Kendall Jenner Made It

Kim Kardashian is reportedly furious that she was overlooked for the special edition Met Gala cover of Vogue magazine, especially since her younger sister Kendall Jenner was mentioned in favour of her.

Sources close to Radar Online have revealed that Kardashian, who was roundly praised by fashionistas for her attire at the event, is apoplectic that she didn’t even warrant a mention for the special edition of the magazine. You can check out the unique edition of Vogue, with its stunning cover image of Rihanna, below.

While Rihanna’s picture draws takes up most of the cover, the likes of Beyonce, Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Lopez, FKA Twigs, Amal Clooney, and Lady Gaga are also mentioned, and it’s the fact that Kim Kardashian’s 19-year–old sister is mentioned instead of her that really irks with the reality star.

An insider explained, “Kim lives for Vogue and has been obsessed with it forever. The fact that they didn’t even mention her on the cover is hilarious, considering she tried so hard to be exactly what she thought Anna Wintour would want for the Met Gala. Kim’s sister Kendall getting a mention on the cover over her is a huge slap in the face! She’s livid.”

The Mirror has suggested that one of the reasons why Kim Kardashian was overlooked for the cover of Vogue is that she flaunted the “selfie” rule which had been in place at the event.

Wintour had previously insisted that no-one was allowed to post or share photos from inside the soiree. However, even though she had insisted that she’d left her phone at home so she didn’t break the rule, Kim Kardashian soon did just that when inside after she saw other celebrities doing the same.

Another anonymous insider told VH1’s The Gossip Table, “Anna is very aware of all the celebrities who ignored her request.” It could get even worse for Kardashian too because it’s been suggested that those individuals who broke this rule might not be invited back to this next year’s Met Gala.

[Image via BP]