Erin Andrews Rolls Eyes? ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Host Explains Her Reaction To Noah Galloway’s Proposal

Erin Andrews appeared to roll her eyes when double amputee Noah Galloway proposed to girlfriend Jamie Boyd live on Dancing With The Stars, but the show’s host has an explanation for her expression.

Andrews was standing by when the proposal went down, and cameras appeared to catch her looking upward and rolling her eyes. TMZ found and posted what appeared to be an incriminating screenshot of Erin looking a bit disgusted at the display in front of her.

That’s not what happened, Andrews claims. After the controversy, the Dancing With The Stars host took to Twitter, saying it wasn’t an eye roll but instead an “ugly cry face.”

Co-host Tom Bergeron also came to Erin’s defense, saying she clearly wasn’t rolling her eyes.

But Bergeron couldn’t help poking fun at Andrews a bit by trying on his own “ugly cry face.” Erin herself shared a video of it on Instagram.

“Tom’s ugly cry face @dancingabc @tombergeron,” she captioned the video.

While not everyone believed she was rolling her eyes, others criticized Erin Andrews for spoiling the moment. Andrews got stuck between Galloway and Boyd during the proposal, and ended up right in the middle of the romantic moment.

Andrews had a defense for this as well, saying there was really nowhere else for her to go.

Noah Galloway later offered a bit more context, explaining that he never gave Andrews a heads up that he would be proposing, so her reaction and inability to get out of the way were both genuine.

The controversy of whether Erin Andrews rolled her eyes or not isn’t the first time an ambiguous gesture has gotten the television personality in trouble. In 2013 she was covering the Indianapolis 500 when she appeared to dodge a friendly kiss hello from rapper 50 Cent. Andrews later explained that it was just a moment of confusion — “I went one way, he went the other” — and not a slight against the rapper, who is actually a friend and business partner.

[Image via ABC]