‘DC Universe Online’ Updated On PC, PlayStation 4 With ‘Halls of Power Part II’ Episode

DC Universe Online, the superpowered MMO from Daybreak Games, is updating today with brand new content. The “Halls of Power Part II” DLC is free for Legendary members and available right now, according to the announcement on the game’s official Twitter account. Non-members will be able to pick up the DLC next week for $9.99.

“Halls of Power Part II” adds a plethora of instanced content. There is a little something for the solo player, duos, alert-sized parties, and even raiders. DC Universe Online subscribers can jump into the fray right now and explore these new instances that center around a bit of lore for DC Comics fans.

“Darkseid is relentless in his efforts to gather ancient artifacts of the Old Gods and has turned his legions on the Celestial City, home of Orion and the New Gods of New Genesis. Meanwhile, on Apokolips, Granny Goodness is abducting Earth’s greatest heroes and villains to see how well they stand up against the cruelty of Apokoliptian machinations.”

Solo players can expect new daily missions on New Genesis with the “Halls of Power Part II” DLC. Two new duos, Resource Recovery and League Hall: Malfunction, are a part of the DLC. A new four-player operation is also available, with an additional eight-player operation and raid also open for business.

All of the new group content in DC Universe Online requires a minimum combat rating of 111. Running these new instances will give players a chance to collect the new gear for statistics or styles. Two new suit sets for both heroes and villains can be collected.

“Players can earn new suit sets inspired by Mister Miracle or Big Barda for Heroes, and inspired by Kalibak and Steppenwolf for Villains. All Halls of Power Part II gear drops are un-attuned. ‘Halls of Power Part II’ Elite raid bosses have a chance to drop gear with set bonuses! Wearing four or eight pieces of gear from a set now grants a bonus based on your role!”

Moreover, players will now have a loot choice and protection against bad luck streaks within the game. With the new loot choice feature, DC Universe Online players can choose from a table of loot after defeating a boss. Once a selection has been made, the loot choice and any other loot the boss dropped will be delivered to the player.

Although choosing loot will help with some unlucky runs, the new rare reward balance update will handle the rest. This system basically ensures the player will get something rare after a predetermined amount of play time.

“To eliminate extreme runs of bad luck, we will now track how often a player does not receive a rare drop. After a certain number, chances to get a rare drop will be increased until it is virtually guaranteed a player will receive that rare drop. When a rare drop is received, the counter resets.”

“Halls of Power Part II” is out now and free to download for subscribers. Non-members can buy the DLC starting next week on PC and PlayStation consoles. In other console MMO news, the Inquisitr recently reported on the latest update to Neverwinter on the Xbox One.

[Image via DC Universe Online]