Jeff Beck Debuts ‘Tribal’, But It Isn’t His ‘First Studio Recording In Five Years’

Famed guitarist Jeff Beck has debuted “Tribal”, the first studio recording he has made widely available to western audiences in five years, ahead of the release of his latest live record, set to feature several new songs.

Beck will release Live +, his newest disc, later this month, as Rolling Stone reports. The album is Beck’s fifth concert release since 2008, and follows a five-year-long period in which the legendary musician has let scarce studio work see the light of day. That changes with Live +, however, as Beck has included several brand new studio tracks, appended to the end of the package.

First among the new material is “Tribal”, which debuted online Monday (You can check it out at Rolling Stone in streaming form). A fast paced track that is nearly entirely instrumental, save for Ruth Lorenzo’s scarce but visceral vocals, “Tribal” was the first song that Beck “came up with” on the first day of a recording session in L.A.

“It was meant to be for extreme club/dance-type music, and it went through several radical changes that just didn’t work,” Beck recalled. “So with Ruth’s vocal we stripped it back to just me and Veronica, with Rhonda’s bass dubbed later, which brought back the wild roughness that I was originally after.”

To many fans,Tribal” will be the first studio track that Jeff Beck has released since 2010’s Emotion & Commotion. The most dedicated observers of Beck, however, will note that the mercurial musician released a three song EP in Japan last year, Yosogai, which featured a live recording of “Danny Boy” and two new songs, “Loaded” and “Why Give It Away”, as Guitar World reported last May.

Jeff Beck, who was named the number five guitarist of all time by Rolling Stone, as the Inquisitr previously reported, has been hard at work on a much anticipated new studio album. Speaking to the magazine last year following a high profile tour with Brian Wilson, Beck said that the time is right for a new record, asserting that he had found an entirely new sound that isn’t “Western style.”

“I think I’ve drawn attention. I’ve worked, worked, worked for the last three years. Now is the time really,” Beck said.

Currently embarked upon a U.S. tour, Jeff Beck will release Live + on May 19, even as he continues work on his next studio LP.

[Photo by Tim P. Whitby / Getty Images]