Michael Jackson: Daughter Paris Almost Grown, Looks Stunning

Nicholas HuntGetty Images

Paris Jackson, 17, the only daughter of the late Michael Jackson, seems to be adjusting well and living her life as any other teenager would. Her boyfriend, Chester Castellaw, recently shared an Instagram picture, depicting a seemingly happy Paris, standing close to her new beau, in front of a bathroom mirror.

AOL reports that Castellaw, a semi-pro soccer player for the Southern California soccer club Real So Cal, simply adores Paris. The couple have been together for a few months prior to the new Instagram photo, which depicts a stunning Paris with black hair and red highlights, smiling away as she snaps a picture of herself and Castellaw, who’s sporting a faux mohawk and planting a kiss on her cheek.

An undisclosed source close to the couple states that Paris “is completely head over heels for him and she has been gushing about him constantly, telling her family members that she loves him and he is her ‘soul mate.’ “

Paris Jackson

The same undisclosed source indicated that family members approve of Castellaw and don’t think he’s taking advantage of Paris, who has a healthy inheritance from the late Michael Jackson. Castellaw comes from a privileged background himself, and lives in Beverly Hills, California.

Paris seems to be doing extremely well after the 2013 suicide scare that resulted in an intense treatment program for the 17-year-old. Friends and family state that she’s happy and has shown significant improvement.

Meanwhile, Prince Jackson, 18, Michael Jackson’s oldest son, is gearing up for his first year of college this upcoming fall at Loyola Marymount University (LMU), in Los Angeles. After careful consideration of other schools, he recently tweeted that LMU felt like the best fit. He recently finished up his last year of high school in Sherman Oaks, California.


Rumors and speculation recently surfaced that the two oldest siblings, Prince and Paris, are arguing and barely spending time with one another as their lifestyles and choices are starting to clash.

However, those rumors were never confirmed, and also come as a surprise to many fans and supporters, as both Prince and Paris have always seemed extremely close, as depicted in numerous home videos and public outings and events.

Additionally, all three of Michael Jackson’s children, including 13-year-old Blanket, recently vowed to continue to defend their father amidst recent molestation accusations.

Paris is now known for ever-changing styles, ranging from hip-hop attire, the “grunge” look, long, straightened hair, a short, spiked hairstyle, and much more. Time will only tell how long she retains her current look, but there is no doubt that the daughter of Michael Jackson has morphed into a beautiful teenager.