Demi Moore Opens Up About Her Divorce From Bruce Willis And Its Effect On Daughter Rumer

Rumer Willis has had a long journey, and that’s not just on Dancing With the Stars. Since making her dancing debut on the hit show, she’s been open about her trying times with self image. Willis opened up earlier about how she’s been bullied on social media about her looks.

Now, it’s her mother Demi Moore’s turn. In a video package recorded for Dancing With The Stars, the actress opens up about her divorce from Bruce Willis and how Rumer was impacted the most by their divorce.

During the segment, Moore revealed just how much the divorce affected their three children, Rumer, 26, Scout, 23, and Tallulah, 21.

Before she got into Rumer’s pain over the split, Moore reminisced about the earlier years. “When she was born, she literally looked like a little magical elf. The kids went everywhere with us. You go through my resume and pretty much, they were there.”

She continued, “We were just constantly moving around. We probably weren’t in the same place for longer than two months at a time.”

Of Rumer’s struggle with Demi’s divorce from Bruce, Moore said, “When their father and I decided to divorce it probably had the biggest impact on her.”

Earlier, the Inquisitr reported on Rumer opening up about the constant media attention and social media bullying and how that affected her self image.

“I didn’t know how to ask for help. My mom would sometimes see what was happening and her advice was, ‘Don’t let that infect you. People are going to have opinions. You don’t have to make them yours.’ I compared myself to her. I would go, ‘My mom wears smaller jeans than me! Oh, God. Maybe I’m not skinny enough.’ Every girl looks up to her mother, but my mom was larger-than-life and I felt like I could never be like her. I just didn’t feel like we were even in the same caliber.”

As for the constant attention her family receives, Demi said, “There really wasn’t anything I could do to stop it. Her self-esteem was nothing. I could only just keep loving her and loving her until she could love herself. When she said, ‘I think I wanna do Dancing With the Stars,’ my whole insides, I have to be honest, were screaming ‘No,’ but, one of the most beautiful things that I’ve witnessed is watching her passion become greater than her fear.”

So far, Rumer Willis has been scoring rave reviews with the judges on Dancing With the Stars. As of right now, she’s a favorite to win.

[Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images for Santa Barbara International Film Festival]