Dr. Phil Kidd: Preacher Says God 'Sheltered' Him In Car Crash — His Wife, However, Broke Her Back

Dr. Phil Kidd is a radio evangelist who broadcasts from Erasmus Baptist Church in Kingsport, Tennessee, and whose ministry has been successful enough that the preacher drives a brand new, red Jaguar. At least, he did until someone ran him off the road last week, causing his Jaguar to flip over four times in a frightening and potentially fatal wreck.

But Kidd did not die. In fact, he emerged unscathed, later taking to Facebook to boast about how God protected him — not only keeping him from bodily harm, but also protecting his perfectly coiffed hair and even the $800 luxury Mont Blanc pen he carried.

Kidd claimed that he had been "sheltered in the arms of God."

Unfortunately, God did not provide nearly the same level of shelter to his wife, Leslie, who broke two vertebrae, among other serious injuries, that could cause her to live the remainder of her life in severe, chronic pain.

"I will be in this neck brace for awhile," she wrote on her Facebook page. "Other than that and a little swollen nerves across my left shoulder I am doing what I can. I am thankful my daughter Joann is nursing me back to health. My family has stood by me during bouts of extreme pain and is loving me back to health."

Leslie Kidd, however, also credtied God for saving her life — especially because, she said, the Jaguar's airbags did not inflate and "only the grace of God and a seatbelt kept us in the car."

Her injuries included, "a fracture in my C-6 & C-7 vertebrae," keeping her in a neck brace for about six weeks.

Kidd's online bio describes him as a fire-and-brimstone preacher, "well known for his uncompromising stand against sin as well as his great love to reach the lost world with The Gospel. Buildings everywhere overflow with crowds that drive long distances to hear this man of God thunder God's Word."

His radio sermons appear to bear out that description, such as this one, in which Kidd inveighs against "stinkin' liberals" and the various beliefs that he attributes to them.

Or this one in which he complains about "pedophile f****t" TSA agents who force him to go through security at airports.

Some critics wondered about the propriety of Kidd's Facebook posts.

"This raises a few questions," wrote one blogger. "Why does an evangelist drive a Jaguar and write with a Mont Blanc pen? But more to the point, why would any decent human being brag about their hair not being messed up when their wife has serious and painful injuries? Was she not sheltered in the arms of God or does she just really not matter?"

But Dr. Phil Kidd is far from the first to claim intervention by God in a traffic incident. For example, The Inquisitr reported last year on a woman in Indiana who said she let God drive her car, only to have the car immediately veer into a motorcyclist ahead of her in the road.

[Image: Linda Kidd Facebook]