Perez Hilton’s Baby: The Tabloid Blogger Is A Father Once More

Perez Hilton welcomes another baby to the fold! The online blogger known for his unorthodox and flamboyant style spent Mother’s Day with a brand new baby girl.

Hilton’s first baby, Mario Armando Lavandeira III, was born in 2013, making this one number two.

Most of us know who Perez is. He’s famous enough not to be confused with the heiress to the Hilton hotel empire, though his fame is usually equally accompanied with infamy.

Mario Armando Lavandeira, Jr. is the name his parents knew him by. He has gained a lot of negative attention for his doodles on big name celebrities and formerly outing many who often ended up revealing he was right.

However, what Hilton’s gaining attention for now is not his professional work, but the new entry to his family. Perez Hilton’s baby was born via a surrogate Saturday afternoon. USA Today revealed the new bundle of joy has been given the name Mia Alma, which Hilton says means “my soul” in Spanish, “because I’m cheesy like that.”

The online blogger has allegedly been keeping the baby a secret and refuses to reveal the name of the surrogate who gave birth to little Mia, or where Mia was born. Hilton says he wants to protect the surrogate’s identity and adds, “It’s been the hardest secret I’ve kept in a long time.”

Hilton isn’t keeping his new daughter a secret any more, having revealed the news along with a glimpse of little Mia’s foot on Instagram. Accompanying the post is the caption, “It is with great pride and relief that I can finally announce [this]: I am a dad again!”

This is a great achievement not only for Hilton, but for the LGBTQ community in general. When a gay man can announce the birth of his daughter this openly, it means there is progress being made in the movement.

Congratulations to Perez Hilton, whose baby will undoubtedly delight him, and possibly many of us, for years to come.

[Image via Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images]