Madeleine Stowe Finale Breakdown: ‘Revenge’ Ending Answered Questions, Left Haunting Tidbits

Madeleine Stowe’s finale remarks give Revenge fans a lot to sort through now that the last episode of the series has aired. As viewers saw Sunday night, Victoria Grayson finally and truly died at Emily’s hand, but there was a tease that the two ended up forever linked. What does Stowe say now that she doesn’t have to keep any show secrets?

During the last episode, Amanda was haunted by a recurring dream that after the shooting, she ended up with Victoria’s heart. Madeleine Stowe’s finale breakdown via Us Weekly indicates that the show wanted Emily to be haunted by something and they wanted the viewers to be left with a bit of a haunting. Did Amanda really end up with Victoria’s heart? From the sounds of things from showrunner Sunil Nayar and Stowe, this did indeed happen.

Did Amanda really end up with Victoria’s heart? From the sounds of things from showrunner Sunil Nayar and Stowe, this did indeed happen, though they love that viewers were left feeling a bit unsure.

Had the show returned for Season 5, surely seeing Amanda with Victoria’s heart would have led to some new dynamics and challenging moments. Also in Season 5, had the show gone there, viewers seemingly would have finally seen Amanda moving forward with Jack, and Nolan more of a focus as he learned how to stand on his own without being such a part of what Emily was doing.

While Victoria Grayson had been supposedly killed off more than once over the show’s four seasons, this time was set to be the last whether the show was renewed or not. Madeleine Stowe’s finale chat via People indicates that by the time Emily shot her, Victoria truly was at peace and ready to die.

During those final moments, Victoria made some interesting revelations. As TVLine notes, the comments she made about the men in her past were confusing to some. It seems that before Jimmy Brennan was in the picture, Victoria ended up in juvenile detention taking the blame for shooting her mother’s boyfriend.

After Victoria got home, her mother was dating a guy named Maxwell, and that’s who assaulted her. As it happens, Maxwell was Victoria’s biological father.

Victoria’s mother caught the two together, blamed her daughter, and kicked her out. Once Victoria was on her own, she ended up in the building where Brennan was. As showrunner Sunil Nayar said, these comments by Victoria served as a way to fill in some gaps in her history and show viewers she essentially never had a shot at a calm and happy life.

As fans now know, the Season 4 finale was shot before the writers and crew knew if it would be simply a season finale or actually a series finale. The writers and the network felt that the episode did justice to the show as a series finale, so that’s where things were left.

Though there were ideas of where things would go if the show came back for Season 5, many would seem to agree it ended just as it should have. A lot of fans are clamoring for a Nolan spin-off, though at this point there is nothing in the works.

Madeleine Stowe’s finale comments tease that essentially, Victoria Grayson has always been a doomed person, and she acted as she did because she had been so repeatedly violated. Stowe clearly found both the good and the bad to play in Grayson and the actress’ final comments shed quite a bit of light on the complexity of her character.

Fans seemed to be satisfied with how the show ended, a difficult thing to achieve when the show had to leave the door open for a return. Based on Madeleine Stowe’s finale commentary, the writers layered in a lot of complexities that allowed fans to have plenty to chew on after the episode wrapped. Did the Revenge finale hit the right note for the series end?

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