Tamra Barney Not Sure She Wanted To Return To ‘RHOOC’: ‘This Season Is Very Raw’

Tamra Barney has been confirmed as being a housewife on this upcoming season of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Last season, Barney was questioned by her long-time friend Vicki Gunvalson, who strongly believed that she was talking behind her back. It is no secret that Tamra doesn’t like Brooks Ayers, but Vicki had no idea that Barney was talking behind her back about him.

Tamra Barney ended up storming off the set, and she was furious with how the other ladies spoke about her. Barney claims that the accusations were false and had no real weight to them. Apparently, all of this drama was enough for Tamra to question whether she really wanted to be a part of the show this year. But Barney decided to return.

According to a new Real Mr. Housewife report, Tamra Barney has said that time heals everything, and she feels better now than she did when the show wrapped. Many would argue that Barney herself is responsible for the backlash, but she is now revealing that her children were also victims of the drama.

“Being a mom and taking care of my family. The kids and I were put through the ringer personally and publicly last year. It’s taken time to heal from all the pain,” Tamra Barney reveals during the interview, adding, “I was privately going through some major personal stuff. Being accused of so many horrible things? Personally I was a mess.”

Of course, many things went wrong for Barney. There were frustrations with her business, CUT Fitness, and her friendships were falling apart. She also fought quite a bit with Lizzie Rovsek, who had no problem calling Barney out for the things she didn’t agree with. Apparently, Lizzie is just a friend of the wives this season because of the friction with Barney.

“I look back now and I don’t even know how I made it through Season 9,” Tamra reveals, adding that clarity may come this season, saying, “The show was really the last thing on my mind. I think this season will shed some light on what happened last season.”

But Barney claims that she herself is also a changed person. Not only is she now a grandmother, but she also dealt with some emotional things earlier this year. According to the Inquisitr, Ryan’s girlfriend suffered from pulmonary embolisms after giving birth to her baby girl.

“I think they will see a softer side of me,” Tamra Barney reveals, adding, “I become a grandmother and take a spiritual journey in my life that I’m excited to share with everyone.”

What do you think of Tamra Barney returning to the show?

[Image via Bravo]