Lindsay Lohan Back In Court, This Time To Face Down Stalker

Former Disney star Lindsay Lohan is to appear in court in London later this month, but on this occasion, Lohan is not the defendant. Instead, Lohan is appearing to give evidence in the trial of a man accused of “stalking” her. According to the Mirror, Daniel Voderwulbecke is obsessed with the Mean Girls star Lindsay. It is alleged that he has “bombarded” Lindsay with “thousands of texts and social media messages.”

Voderwulbecke is due to appear at Westminster Magistrates Court in London after he described Lohan as an “evil devil” and threatened Lindsay by saying, “I’ll get you, wherever you are.” It is a central tenant of English law that a defendant is entitled to face their accuser in court. As a result, the court has ruled that Lohan must attend the trial to give evidence.

English courts, however, have the discretion to provide certain protections for the “victims” in some trials. This includes cases of stalking and sexual offences. Lindsay Lohan will not be required to face the alleged offender directly, nor will he be permitted to question her directly.

The Daily Mail reports that Lohan has returned from London to New York to complete the 125 hours of community service she was sentenced to back in February of this year. The sentence was the result of a reckless driving case dating back to 2012. The sentence must be completed by May 28, or Lohan could face jail time.

According to First Post, Lohan had reportedly claimed that she was completing her community service in her apartment by making posts on social media on behalf of a local charity. The judge has stated that Lohan cannot do “virtual” community service and has ordered that the remainder must be done at Duffield Children’s Center, a pre-school in Brooklyn.

According to News Week, Lindsay has so far completed less than 10 hours of the 125 she must complete before May 28. The children’s Center reportedly operates for 6.5 hours a day and serves up to 150 children. Volunteers, including Lohan, provide “one-on-one attention to children,” helping them to learn to read and write.

Web Pro News claims that Lohan has previously claimed that she had completed her community service time while in London, but that investigation revealed that she had claimed “hours served” when she was actually in hospital as a result of Chikungunya disease.

If Lindsay Lohan fails to complete her community service in time, prosecutors have made clear that they will be seeking jail time so giving evidence in the stalking case may not be Lohan’s last visit to court.

[Photo by Monika Fellner/Getty Images]