Niall Horan To Quit One Direction? Bookmaker Suspends Betting On Singer Following Zayn Malik

One Direction fans might want to look away now because a bookmaker has suspended betting on Niall Horan leaving the boy band.

According to the Mirror, BoyleSports have decided to halt bets after one individual from Horan’s hometown of Co Westmeath, Norther Ireland, put a bet worth almost $1,000 (€500) on the singer leaving the group.

This came just a few days after a number of other bets were made on Niall Horan departing One Direction, and his odds were slashed drastically from 8/1 to 3/1 because of this. You can check out one of the betting slips on Niall Horan leaving One Direction below.

Boylesports have suspended betting on Niall Horan being the next 1D member to leave after taking a significant bet

— Punters Lounge (@PuntersLounge) May 11, 2015

A spokesman for BoyleSports explained, “Our traders had to suspend betting at 11:30am on Monday morning after another large bet was placed on Niall in his native county to be the next member to leave One Direction.”

He continued, “If Niall is the next member to leave One Direction; one thing for sure is that were are in for a battering of a five figure amount from cagey punters across the Midlands. One way or another, the sell by date on One Direction looks set to expire sooner rather than later judging by the support for Niall to leave over the past few days.”

According to TV3, there have been several rumors over the last few weeks that Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles might be following Zayn Malik by quitting One Direction. This has led many One Directioners to lament the decline of their favorite group.

However, One Direction fans might not have too much to worry about. Despite rumors that Niall Horan is about to leave, a variety of pictures of Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne playing a practical joke on Horan have appeared across Instagram and Twitter over the last few days.

The duo decided to cover Horan’s black Range Rover automobile with a variety of things, including a dust-bin, a large teddy bear, an umbrella, and a whole lot of toilet paper. But rather than being overly furious about the incident, Horan actually called it “modern art.”

Zayn Malik confirmed that he’d left the group back in March of 2015, and fans have spent the last few weeks worrying that One Direction are on the precipice of disintegrating now that he’s left.

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