Getting the Crazies on Twitter

According to Alex Billington this is exactly what is happening during the filming of The Crazies, an upcoming remake of George Romero’s 1973 thriller. Not only are they letting photos from the set loose in Twitterland they have even given away a set visit and a walk-on role in the movie. @TheCraziestFilm started broadcasting March 4th and apparently has been updating from the set in Georgia ever since.

It looks like the deadline for the “set visit and walk-on role” contest was very early on, although the winner was only identified quite recently. We’re not sure who is running this (my guess is it’s someone working in marketing for Overture Films), but they’ve posted updates like: “Wrapping up today’s shoot at the second location… A really creepy old farm house! This is gonna be good!!!” And then there’s also the occasional: “closed set. top secret scene. will have more info for you tomorrow night.”

A few small photos from the set have been posted on the Twitter as well. This is quite interesting to see, because usually photos from any set, closed or open, are never revealed to the public until the studio wants them to be seen. And even then, we only ever get to see a very small, selective batch of photos. As far as I know, this is the first time a major production has been this open about what’s happening on set (and written about it on Twitter).


I gotta admit this might be being run by the marketing department of the film company but it’s pretty cool. I wonder if this will take hold as a way to get the word out for other movies. Just image the fun they could have with Iron Man 2 or any number of films that are heading into production for the next year.