Meredith Vieira Tears: Mother’s Day Show’s Surprise Guest Has Meredith In Tears [Video]

Meredith Vieira was moved to tears on Friday during her Mother’s Day special. According to E! News, the talk show host got a surprise visit from her son, Gabe, who showed up with flowers for his mom. Before he came onto the stage, however, Meredith had to try and guess who her mystery guest was (the whole thing was set up by her producers).

Gabe’s voice was disguised, and his face was on a screen behind Vieira so that the audience could see him. She asked a series of questions before figuring out that it was her son who was backstage. When he came out, Vieira got emotional.

“This is my favorite child. No, only kidding. I’m so proud of him because he graduated from Northwestern and on his own, he got his first job in Spokane, Wash., and he’s a reporter there and he’s doing a great job,” Vieira said.

Video of Meredith Vieira’s tears has gone viral. Of course it seems fitting that Vieira’s son would be a part of her Mother’s Day show (she also has two other children, Benjamin and Lily), and fans really enjoyed seeing that special connection that the two clearly share. The audience was also emotional, feeling that love and pride that only a parent can feel.

According to Star Pulse, Vieira pointed out that children belong to their parents “forever,” even when they are all grown up, and on their own.

“Your kids are like your kids forever and ever,” she said.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Vieira has been very open about her struggle to have both a successful career and a happy family. While she has been in the business since the late 80s, she hasn’t had the easiest time being away from her family over the years. Many women relate to her struggle, and many feel the same way that she does. This could be part of the reason why Friday’s show was so special for Meredith, and for those who have followed her journey.

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