Quadruplets College: Thanks Owed To Mom Who Is Helping Quadruplets Through College

quadruplets college thanks

A set of quadruplets enrolled in college owe many thanks to their mom whom they say has been completely selfless when it comes to giving her children whatever she can. According to People Magazine, Kate, Chris, Greg, and Steve Lomaka, all 21, decided to go to Virginia Tech in 2012. They were the first ever quadruplets to enroll in that school. The four siblings say that they would never be able to go to college if it wasn’t for their mom, Tina.

Tina works full time as a labor and delivery nurse. She took on a night shift full time so that she could help pay for her four to attend college. She also is home three days a week to care for her youngest son, Matt, who has Down syndrome.

“Nobody I think ever wants to work night shifts, no one wants to be up from 7 p.m. to 8 a.m. and sleep for 6 hours and do it all over again, but she does it because she knows that she’s helping us get through college,” said Kate.

The quadruplets, who are in their third year of college, offer thanks to their mom and say that they never could have done this without her.

“I can’t stress enough how much my mom has sacrificed. She never asks for anything, she’s so selfless,” said Chris.

“I credit all my hard-working abilities and my work ethic to [my parents]. They’re definitely the two hardest working people that I’ve ever met,” said Greg.

According to Yahoo! Lifestyle, the four siblings decided that they were going to go to college together, but that they were all going to take some time to really find themselves individually.

“We had talked about it going in like, ‘Guys, we love each other, but we’re going to find ourselves. We’re going to grow as individuals and not just a quad,'” explained Kate.

“We all go to church together and we were on the same intramural football team. We’ve found ways to find time together but really I never bump into them around campus,” says Greg, who is now an RA.

The Lomaka’s are a family of eight. The quadruplets have two other siblings whom their mom and dad love and cherish just as much. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, this heartfelt story came just in time for Mother’s Day and is a reminder to say “thank you” to your mom.

“Whenever we go anywhere and people find out we’re quadruplets, one of the first things they say is ‘Well bless your mother,'” said Kate.

[Photo via Tina Lomaka/Facebook]