Everyone Got The Fate They Deserved In ‘Revenge’ Series Finale

ABC’s Revenge ended last night, and everyone seemed to get the ending they deserved. Two Graves hinted that there would be two deaths in the series finale, but there were more than that in the end. The title actually came from a quote: “Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.” However, it is worth pointing out that two of the major characters ended up six feet under.

Fans knew that Victoria was not dead before the series finale. It turns out that the body in Emily’s home was actually Victoria’s mother, Mary Gaines, who had told Victoria that she was a product of rape. When Emily finally got the chance to kill Victoria, she opted against it, saying that she preferred her enemies to “live in agony.” The Hollywood Reporter shared that it was David who pulled the trigger to kill the Grayson matriarch during the episode.

E! Online does share that Emily got herself out of prison with the main aim to kill Victoria. However, when she finds out that Ben died (not the second major death), she and Jack finally get the chance to have the moment that Revenge fans have been waiting for since the pilot episode. However, their happy moment did not last for long.

White Gold wanted to kill Emily, but stabs Jack instead. Luckily, the police get there in time and Jack is taken to the hospital. At least that is not another love of her life six feet under. While at the hospital, Jack asks David for his permission to marry Emily, and of course the man approves.

There was a moment when Revenge fans thought Emily would be the second death. Victoria shot Emily before she died, right through the heart. In a strange Revenge twist, Emily is saved by a heart transplant from none other than Victoria; and Charlotte approved that.

Instead, the second grave was taken by David, shown with a flashback of him dying on the porch swing at the beach house. Then it cuts to a flash forward of Emily and Jack planning their wedding.

Nolan, meanwhile, struggles to deal without revenge in his life. That is why Emily sets up a way for him to become the mastermind for other people. According to executive producer Sunil Nayar, this was set up purposely as a way to create a season five if necessary. Now it just suggests that a spinoff is possible.

After four years, Emily finally got to the end and with her life still intact. She even got her happy ending, suggesting that everyone got the fate they deserved in the Revenge series finale.

[Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]