Lynda Carter On Hillary Clinton: ‘We Need Someone That Gets It’

Lynda Carter may be best known as Wonder Woman, but she’s also a longtime family friend of the Clintons, and she spoke out recently about why America needs Hillary in office.

Carter, who says that her old friend has always been “the smartest person in the room,” says that we need someone who can come in and take a running start at tackling the job.

“We need someone that gets it, we need someone that gets all of it. She doesn’t need four years of training before she gets it in the White House. We want someone that can be off and running. She did it in the Senate,” Carter told People Magazine. “She is our chance to have our turn as a woman in the White House. It is the voice of the women of our country that can help the voiceless women in other countries.”

Carter has always been a vocal proponent for women’s rights and for allowing women to show us what they can do, including when it comes to the upcoming Wonder Woman movie. She told Inside TV recently that she believes the movie needs a female behind the camera in order to really make it work.

“It needs a woman! You need to create a woman as a complex character. The effects, that all takes care of itself. You don’t need this ridiculous, involved thing if you’re just telling a story about this amazing female,” Carter said.

Lynda also said in 2013 that the fundamental issue with making a Wonder Woman film work lies with the writers, who always try to make the character into something she’s not.

“I think they try to just make her a female version of a male superhero, and that’s not what she is,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “She is an Amazon Princess and she’s got really strong sisterhood values. She’s smart, and she just happens to be beautiful and super strong, and she has these great cool things like these bracelets and boomerang headband and non-lethal kinds of ways of dealing with people,” Carter said.

Lynda Carter also defended the Clintons for their decision to charge large fees for speaking engagements, saying, “Why people begrudge them any money they can make [I don’t know],” said Carter. “If they’re not in public office – so what! Go after the big golden parachutes that corporations get. All the rest of it is just nonsense.”