Next iPad Mini To Come Out In October?

Is the next generation of the iPad mini set to be released in October? It is no secret that Apple is working diligently to remain relevant in the gadget game. After falling behind in sales for several of their devices, the tech-based company has to do something.

Apple needs a hit. Sluggish sales and lukewarm feelings regarding the iPad Mini 3 has left doubt about the company’s continuance in developing the tablet. There is so much competition on the market, it is easy to conceive the notion that Apple would cease the Mini series for the time being in order to focus on other products.

The release of the latest MacBook and the Apple Watch has allowed Apple to remain relevant these days. Also, the iPhone series is still one of the top grossing devices in the cell phone industry.

Apple will always be around and prominent. In which capacity will be determined by the sales of the respective departments. If the sales continue to decline, do not expect the company to continue to roll out the products that are costing money. Do expect more innovative ideas from Apple.

One reason to have optimism is the new processor being built and installed in the next crop of phones and tablets.

The latest processor, the A9 chip is being developed by one of Apple’s chief competitors, Samsung. Bloomberg Business confirms that Samsung won the right to produce Apple’s orders for the next iPhone series due to be released in September.

How the partnership came about is interesting. The two companies have been bitter rivals, primarily in the cell phone and tablet market for years. By working with Apple, Samsung gets to bounce back after the tech company TSMC took over the top spot after years of Samsung’s technological stranglehold.

It is a huge win for Apple to team up with the company. Samsung has proven to be innovative over the past few years. The capabilities of their product enhancement seems endless. When the best works with the best, expect a great product, or at the very least, a lot of hubbub and hype.

That takes us to the status of the iPad Mini series. Users did not warm up to the iPad Mini 3. Many felt that it was not a true upgrade over its predecessor. It is Apple’s job to win those users back as well as bring in new, potential consumers who have long been on the fence about the product.

As the Christian Post states, the iPad Mini 4 will be slimmer, with a 7.9 inch screen. What has not been confirmed is the totality of its features and which processor will be installed; the A8 or the Samsung powered A9. Do expect the latest Apple iPad Mini to be released in October. Will the iPad Mini 4 become Apple’s last stand in the uphill battle for tablet supremacy?

[Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]