Man Lost 56 Pounds Eating Nothing But McDonald’s Food

Iowa Teacher lost 56 pounds eating nothing but McDonald's food

Imagine if you lost 56 pounds eating nothing but McDonald’s food every day? John Cisna, a school teacher in Iowa, did just that as part of a science experiment. He ate McDonald’s food for a total of 180 days, ABC 7 News in Los Angeles reported.

“As part of a science experiment in his classroom, John Cisna ate McDonald’s for every meal for three straight months. The challenge came after his students asked whether it was possible for a person to become better off eating nothing but McDonald’s for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for 90 days,” ABC News reported, “Cisna adhered to a 2,000 calorie diet, followed the FDA’s recommended nutritional guidelines, and walked 45 minutes 4-5 days a week, according to ABC affiliate WOLO-TV.”

Cisna conducted the McDonald’s food diet experiment for the first 90 days and lost a total of 37 pounds while dropping his cholesterol from 249 to 170. The diet was effective, despite eating McDonald’s food for all three meals, because of the choices he made from the fast food restaurant’s menu. During the second 90 days, he lost another 19 pounds.

“Cisna says his daily meal routine started with two Egg White Delights, a bowl of oatmeal and 1 percent milk for breakfast. For lunch, he picked between a Southwest Salad or Bacon Ranch Salad with fruit parfait and apple slices. For dinner, he typically ate a value meal” ABC News reported, “I had french fries almost every day of this experiment,” Cisna told WOLO-TV.” also reported about Cisna’s success with the “McDonald’s food diet,” reporting that, “He makes nutritionists frown, but a man who ate all of his meals at McDonald’s for six months says he’s lighter and healthier as he nears the end of his unconventional weight-loss plan.”

By eating nothing but McDonald’s food for those 180 days, Cisna lost 56 pounds, lowered his cholesterol and took 21 inches off his chest, waist and hips. Cisna has also documented his unique diet experience in a book titled My McDonald’s Diet.

“I’m not bored of the food, but I am missing other foods. I am craving seafood. In fact, my first night when I am done with this, I’m going to have some shrimp and some scallops and some salmon. Maybe some asparagus on a bed of rice pilaf,” Cisna told Today.

Today also reported, “Cisna said he’s not a paid spokesman for McDonald’s, though local franchises donated his food. He was largely inspired to do the experiment by Morgan Spurlock’s 2004 documentary, Super Size Me, which Cisna called ‘irresponsible journalism.'”

Cisna has lost his first 37 pounds when the Inquisitr reported on his McDonald’s food diet, “High school teacher John Cisna has lost 37 lbs. over the course of 3 months in the least-likely way imaginable: eating a diet consisting only of food from McDonald’s.”

There is a “catch,” however, as the Inquisitr reported, about John Cisna’s diet. It is what he particularly ate from the McDonald’s menu that is the key to his successful weight loss, as well as regularly waking for 45 minutes per day.

“Cisna is following a 2,000-calorie McDonald’s diet and exercising daily, part of a plan he devised with his students at Colo-Nesco High School, in Colo, Iowa. Prior to undergoing the McDonald’s diet regimen, Cisna was 280 lbs. with a six-foot frame, putting his body mass index (BMI) in the “obese” category at 38.”

[Before and After Photos from John Cisna via ABC 7 News from Los Angeles.]