Bruce Jenner: Happy Mother’s Day? Twitter Thinks So

Bruce Jenner - Happy Mother's Day - 'Twitter' Thinks So

In case you haven’t heard yet, Bruce Jenner recently professed that he’s a woman now. Within the Jenner transition, it appears this will be Bruce’s first Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day is a time known for paying homage to mother figures who have been there for their offspring or adopted family members. For some families, the mother doesn’t always have to be biological. Aunts, cousins, and even friends have been known to receive Mother’s Day gifts and attributions because of how they’ve taken care of those in need.

Well, what happens when the Kardashians and Jenners have to make such a connection? Now that Bruce Jenner’s a woman, do they celebrate Mother’s Day or Father’s Day? If honoring Jenner’s transition wishes is to be considered, it would have to be the former, according to some Twitter users?

A few weeks after Bruce courageously spoke in an interview about his transition, the former athlete actually celebrating Mother’s day for himself became a real concern among social media users. And it isn’t just one or two people who have thought along this question, several have gone to Twitter about it. Some have tweeted “Happy Mother’s Day, Bruce!” while some looked confused, not knowing on which day to congratulate the past Olympian.

As can be seen from the tweets, it’s a serious question for some, given the circumstance. And there are those who actually think Bruce will or should get both days.

Whatever the case, it seems that social media might need answers by May 10, 2015. Will Bruce Jenner celebrate both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day?

Recently, Jenner got his toenails painted hot ink. While on E! Entertainment, Bruce showed them to daughter Kim Kardashian, and she responded as follows.

“Your feet are actually way more feminine than I ever would’ve imagined. I am impressed!”

Jenner adds that he does the nails and pedicures.

[Photo Credits: Twitter]