WWE News: Triple H And Now Brock Lesnar Very High On WWE NXT Talent Yet To Debut

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WWE NXT has produced some fantastic performers over the last few years. NXT itself has gone from a developmental territory to another brand, and it has been fun to watch. We get to see the stars of tomorrow before they come up to WWE RAW or SmackDown. It is also a time to see people who we may never see on the main roster as well. To get called up or used well, you have to be well liked by people such as Triple H.

Triple H runs the talent relations area of WWE. He also is responsible for hiring and firing the WWE Superstars and Divas we see today. If he likes you, you’ll be on the main roster. If he doesn’t, you may never move forward. So to be liked by Triple H is very important. However, could there be a name outside of Triple H and the McMahon Family itself that could hold some extreme weight as well? Possibly.

According to Daily Wrestling News, NXT talent Dylan Mile is one of the most liked developmental wrestlers the company has. He does not have any prior pro-wrestling experience. However, he is a big dude who is quite unique. Triple H spent time in developmental back in November and was said to have “liked the guy with the big hands.” Mile has massive hands, which sets him apart from most. This is why it is rumored that he will use the Von Erich claw as a finisher.

Triple H is not the only one impressed with Mile. Others like Kevin Owens praised Mile on Twitter. It was said that Triple H was so impressed with Mile that he ordered he be given special attention and that his progress be closely tracked.

NXT Dylan Mile

As if the support of Triple H and other NXT talent wasn’t enough, now Brock Lesnar is a fan. This is saying a lot, mainly because Brock does not like a lot of people.

Mile worked WrestleMania Axxess this past year, which is when Lesnar first got the chance to see him. Lesnar was said to have been blown away by Mile. What is even cooler here is that Lesnar quietly flew down to Orlando to train with Dylan at the WWE Performance Center. This is quite unique, as again, Lesnar is not the type of person who is easily impressed. He also likes his off-time. If he took time away from his off-time to fly down and work with a NXT talent, I think we should consider how good this cat must be.

Dylan Mile is in his late 20s and stands around 6’3. He weighs in at 283 lbs and has a 37-inch vertical leap. This is all quite impressive. It was said that if his size and unique look wasn’t enough, the raw athletic ability sold WWE officials enough to bring him in for a developmental contract. Mile has yet to debut on WWE NXT, however, he has been with WWE for a number of months.

The idea is that he could debut sometime within the next few months, which would be ideal. WWE has hyped this guy up a lot, and if he is even half as good as the hype, we may have a new star in the making. He has the kind of look that WWE could present as a new Lesnar type. Which is apropos, seeing as Lesnar is a huge fan of his.

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