May 9, 2015
Michael Schumacher Recovery Update: Wife Selling $40 Million Plane And Holiday Home, 'He'll Never Use Them Again'

Michael Schumacher's wife has decided to sell the Formula One star's plane and his holiday home because as she realizes that he'll ever be capable of using them again.

According to the Daily Mail, Corinna Schumacher has come to the realization that he will never fully recover from the brain injury that he suffered in a skiing accident in December of 2013, and he won't be able to "enjoy" these activities ever again.

A report in Germany explained, "She knows her husband, who requires care and therapy around the clock, will never enjoy these things again."

Corinna, who is currently running and in control of Michael Schumacher's business empire -- which is believed to be worth just under $1 billion -- decided to take action because she realized that the former Formula One driver would never be able to fly the private plane ever again.

She then made the choice to part with the Norwegian holiday home because it's unlikely that he'll ever want to vacation there again. In fact, Corinna is also considering selling Schumacher's chalet in Meribel, France, which is where her husband was involved in the accident.

German publication Bunte, via the Mirror, recently reported that Schumacher, who is regarded as the most successful Formula One driver in the history of the sport as he went on to claim seven world championships during his career, will never be the same again. This realization is what provoked her to make these changes.

"When it became clear that the old Schumi perhaps never would return, Corinna had to accept her new life. She had to act. She took over the job, and the power, of her husband as an act of succession. Corinna underwent a remarkable transformation - from his wife to the clan chief, a lady who trained as a sales clerk to the manage of a multi-millions company."

Michael Schumacher was brought out of a coma after several months in the summer of 2014. However, he now needs to be given round the clock treatment at his home in Gland, Switzerland. Insiders have explained that despite being removed from the coma, he has actually made very little progress. In fact, he is still unable to speak and is immobile.

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