Robin Meade Shares Emotional Letter To Her Mom She Wrote Ahead Of Mother’s Day [Video]

Robin Meade, host of Morning Express with Robin Meade, recently shared an emotional letter that she wrote to her mom.

Robin penned the letter to her mom ahead of Mother’s Day, and had her read it on Skype, while several members of the Morning Express team stopped by to chat with her.

Robin explained that she was asked to be a part of a book called A Letter to my Mother, where she was asked to write a keepsake note to her mom. She said she wrote the letter last year after her mother suffered a health scare.

“I really took a long time to write this, trying to think what would my mom want to hear,” Robin can be heard saying in a video posted on HLNTV.

“You were my shining example of a strong female leader,” Mead’s mother says while reading the letter aloud. “I may not be able to get through this,” she added, getting a tad emotional by the words her daughter had wrote.

“Well, I hope it touches you that much that you weren’t able to,” Meade responds.

“You’re not a makeup queen,” her mom reads, and then says, while laughing, “You can tell that by looking at me.”

“I credit you, mom, with planting that seed of confidence, and wearing it with a can-do spirit. Mom, I recognize that we will all eventually cross that bridge. Just know, the day that I can no longer tell you “I love you” is the moment our lives. There is simply no substitute for your presence,” she reads through tears. “As my mom, you will always be a part of me… the best part.”

Robin said she was surprised by her mother’s emotional reaction to the letter.

[Photo by Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images]