Video Of Ben Affleck Wearing No Wedding Ring In Canada Day Before Jennifer Garner's Birthday Released [Video]

Paula Mooney

There's been plenty of speculation about the marriage of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. Divorce rumors swirled, along with reports of Ben leaving before Jennifer's birthday on a mid-life crisis trip to Canada. Those divorce rumors were debunked by the Gossip Cop, who noted a rock-solid source that said the Affleck family was fine, reports the Inquisitr. As if to refute the notion that all is fine in Affleck-land, United Press International has pointed to a new video that shows Ben not wearing his wedding ring. Jennifer turned 43 on April 17. UPI states that the video from a Canadian gas station was recorded around April 18, and the upload date for the 33-second long video is April 20. However, the actual date that Ben was there was Thursday, April 16, reports the Chronicle Herald -- the day before Jen's birthday.

In the video, viewers can see Affleck wearing a dark hat, pulled down over his head. That disguise isn't enough for the Cheticamp gas station attendant not to recognize Ben, because he stops and shakes his hand. As Affleck puts his left hand on the counter, it appears as if no wedding ring can be seen.

"A gas station manager got a big surprise last week when he says the Hollywood actor stopped by to fuel up."

The fact that Ben wasn't wearing his ring as he appeared to purchase a drink, however, doesn't mean that Ben and Jen are headed for divorce court. As reported by the Daily Mail, both Affleck and Garner are currently filming in Canada -- only in different cities.

On Wednesday, April 29, Jennifer landed in Montreal, Quebec. Ben, meanwhile, turned up in Toronto, Ontario, on Tuesday, April 28. Garner is filming Nine Lives, a movie with a weird premise, according to IMDB.

"A stuffy businessman finds himself trapped inside the body of his family's cat."

[Image via surveillance video]