Andi Dorfman Is ‘Fangirling’ So Hard: What Major Celebrity Reached Out To Her?

Andi Dorfman has been living in New York now for a couple of months, and it sounds like she is loving her new single life. Even though Andi was engaged for a couple of months, Dorfman appears to be loving her single life more so than her life as an engaged woman. Andi admitted that she and Josh Murray were not meant to be together, despite getting engaged on The Bachelorette.

Since breaking things off with Josh, Andi Dorfman has been focusing on herself. She moved to New York, she has been filming a new show, and she has even been rumored to be dating again. Despite becoming television famous last year, Dorfman can still gush over her own celebrity crushes and role models. This was apparent this week when Andi got a tweet from a major celebrity.

According to a new tweet, Andi Dorfman got contacted by a major celebrity, and she was completely shocked. Based on her tweet, she was a complete fangirl. It is funny because many people would act like complete fangirls over meeting her on the streets of New York. Dorfman is a celebrity in her own way after appearing on The Bachelorette.

“And then my life was made…. Fangirling so hard right now that I’m speechless #moreredwine Scandal,” Andi Dorfman revealed after Kerry Washington reached out to her.

One can imagine that Dorfman is sitting in her New York apartment, sipping on her red wine, and watching Scandal by herself. And then, out of nowhere, Kerry Washington tweets her and lets her know that she is also watching the show along with her. No wonder Andi is being a complete fangirl.

It is great to see Andi being happy again. When Dorfman announced her split from Murray, she was clearly heartbroken. She really wanted the relationship to work. But Andi Dorfman could be moving on — both to New York and with her heart. According to the Inquisitr, Andi has been linked to several guys based on her own activity on social media.

Not only did Dorfman flirt a bit with a trainer, but she also hung out with a man during the Kentucky Derby and revealed that they had spent the day together. She has yet to confirm anything, but it sounds like Andi is open to a new relationship.

What do you think about Kerry Washington reaching out to Andi Dorfman? Do you think her “fangirling” tweet is cute?

[Image via Instagram]