May 8, 2015
Ashley Olsen Is Battling Lyme Disease [Report]

Ashley Olsen is reportedly suffering from Lyme disease. According to a May 8 report by Radar Online, the Full House actress-turned-fashion mogul is said to be going through a "very rough time" as she battles the incurable disease.

In 2012, Ashley Olsen stepped away from the spotlight, declaring she no longer wanted to be the center of attention. Recently, a source told In Touch Weekly that her reason behind leaving showbiz actually stemmed from her Lyme disease diagnosis.

"She's really sick," a source close to Ashley Olsen told the publication.

The source went on to claim Ashley Olsen was diagnosed with Lyme disease a "few years ago," and "has flared up so much that it's affecting her day-to-day life."

"Ashley's having a very rough time right now."

In addition to Ashley Olsen, several other celebrities are reportedly suffering from the illness. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Yolanda Foster, of Bravo's The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, is perhaps the most outspoken of those celebrities, which include Avril Lavigne, Alec Baldwin, Jamie Lynn Sigler, and George W. Bush.

For the last few years, Foster has starred in the Bravo series and continuously documented her struggles both on the show and online. Following the end of Season 5 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Foster blogged about how the illness has affected her life in recent months.

"My world has become very small. I have moved into an apartment with my husband and son in order to have a more manageable scope of responsibilities while I recover slowly and learn to take life one day at a time. Getting well is my full-time job these days.

"I am a determined warrior, and even though this has brought me to my knees, I know God often uses our deepest pain as the launching pad of our greatest calling."

After rocker Lavigne went public with her Lyme disease struggles, Foster told the press that she reached out to offer any advice she could to the young star. In the months since, Foster has continued to travel the globe in hopes of finding a cure for Lyme disease. She's also been actively spreading awareness about the illness, both on Instagram and in the press. No word yet, however, on whether the mother of three will be able to continue with her reality television journey.

Ashley Olsen has yet to publicly confirm or deny her reported Lyme disease diagnosis.

[Photo via Twitter]