Sonja Morgan’s Clothing Line: Bethenny Frankel Looks Back On Comments

Sonja Morgan’s clothing line was a hot topic for Bethenny Frankel in her latest Bravo blog. As the Inquisitr previously reported, the Real Housewives of New York City star questioned Sonja Morgan’s clothing line during Tuesday night’s episode, and afterwards, according to a new report, the two women faced off in their blogs.

In a May 8 report by Radar Online, the pair’s back-and-forth was recapped.

In Frankel’s blog, she alleged Sonja Morgan’s clothing line staff were not on salary.

“I happen to have an international brand and barely have that many people with those fancy titles, so there is definitely smoke and mirrors there.”

“It’s understandable Bethenny’s taking a shortcut into my saga since she is busy adjusting to being single, going through a divorce, raising her daughter, and running a huge business, but she shouldn’t comment so strongly if she doesn’t understand the complexity of my situation quite yet,” Morgan responded.

However, Morgan noted that she knows Frankel’s “conversational style” well, and doesn’t take offense to her co-star’s comments, and despite her harsh criticism of Sonja Morgan’s clothing line, Frankel said she has nothing but love for Morgan.

“The truth is I love [Sonja]. There are times during this season that that will be difficult to believe, but I simply do.”

Frankel then told readers she believed Morgan was “misguided and misdirected.”

During Tuesday’s episode of the show, Frankel said, via Radar Online,”I know enough to know that in a couple of months you’re not just going to pull a clothing line out of your a**, like a rabbit out of a hat.”

Frankel also noted Morgan’s failed toaster collection, which the Real Housewives star spoke about during previous seasons, long before the Sonja Morgan clothing line came into fruition.

While some might call Frankel’s comments about Sonja Morgan’s clothing line “mean,” or “rude,” Morgan doesn’t seem to mind. Although she did point out that Frankel doesn’t know enough about her business to speak on it, she also said she appreciated Frankel’s concern, and knew she only wanted to be sure the team around Morgan was handling her clothing line properly.

As fans are aware, Frankel is an extremely successful businesswomen, whose Skinnygirl brand continues to expand as time goes on.

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