Kylie Jenner Alleged Snapchat Video: ‘I’m High As F***’ [Video]

Kylie Jenner definitely knows how to make her name stay in the news. As reported by the Inquisitr, Kylie recently admitted that her plump lips were the result of getting temporary lip fillers, and not merely the result of mixing six lipstick colors together at once. On Thursday, Jenner’s name was buzzed about online once more because of a short video that allegedly shows Kylie claiming to be “high as f***” and then eating something.

Previously, Kylie stated that she didn’t do drugs, even if some of Jenner’s followers believed that she acted high or either too hyperactive in her Vine videos. Jenner said she wasn’t on any drugs — and even in this latest video traveling around the web claiming to be Kylie talking about being high, it’s hard to decipher if she really says “high” — or some other word. Certain angles make it not look like Jenner at all, even though the end of the video clip definitely appears to be video of Kylie chowing down on something she finds good.

As far as Kylie’s boyfriend Tyga is concerned, he listed plenty of reasons why he loves dating the 17-year-old, including the fact that he said Jenner is mature and owns her own home, reports TMZ.‎ A recent episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians even featured Khloe and Kim giving their little sister Kylie a lesson on what a big responsibility it was to own a home and pay for maintenance, like gardeners and security and other issues. In the same KUWTK episode, Kendall wondered why Kylie would want to buy a home in Calabasas, California, asking what there was to do in the city in Los Angeles County.

Kylie’s Twitter page only shows previous promotional tweets for their reality TV show as of May 3 right now, and Jenner’s Instagram page doesn’t hint at the “high” controversy — it only shows snaps from the recent Met Gala. On Twitter, however, other folks are certainly buzzing about Kylie’s alleged Snapchat “high” video.

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