Dean And Tori’s Anniversary: McDermott, Spelling Celebrate 9 Years Of Marriage

Dean and Tori’s anniversary was a happy occasion this year for the Spelling and McDermott family after nine years of marriage and some rocky times together. Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott wed one another nine years ago, and it seems they have worked through their difficulties and made their way to a good place now.

Tori shared a picture on Instagram Thursday showing the couple sharing a kiss. The post noted Dean and Tori’s anniversary and Spelling said that nine years ago, she married the love of her life. She added a number of hashtags that touched on mistakes, forgiveness, soulmates, their four children, and that they are truly, madly, and deeply in love for forever.

As fans of the couple know, Dean and Tori’s anniversary comes with a significant amount of baggage. McDermott cheated on Spelling some time back and much of the subsequent drama played out on-screen over two seasons of their show, True Tori. There have been rumors of divorce, though at this point Tori and Dean seem to be doing better than they’ve been in some time.

It hasn’t all been sunshine and roses this year, as Spelling was injured Easter weekend as the family was out together for a meal. The freak accident led to a hospitalization and seemingly difficult recovery, but it would seem that Tori is doing better now.

So far, Dean hasn’t posted anything on his Instagram page noting the anniversary. However, followers know he doesn’t post all that much about Tori and tends to focus on the kids or his work projects.

Despite the tough times over the past year or two, McDermott recently told E! Online that the couple right now is doing “Amazing, absolutely amazing.” He says that the tough times pushed them to work on their communication skills and led him to his sobriety. He says they’re more in love and stronger than ever before thanks to their ability to work through the challenges.

Though Spelling had seemed to want to continue True Tori, McDermott had made it clear he was done with it. Indeed, it seems that his focus is elsewhere now and that the possibility family doing another reality TV show together is shelved, at least for now.

Will Dean and Tori’s anniversary pave the way to more years of happiness for the couple? Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott certainly seem to think so and their fans are definitely rooting for them.

[Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images]