‘Teen Mom OG’ Fight Update: Maci Bookout Looks Back On Taylor McKinney Dispute

A Teen Mom OG fight erupted between Maci Bookout and boyfriend Taylor McKinney on Monday night’s new episode. While having what was supposed to be a relaxing date night, the two feuded over when they should purchase their first home.

“I would like to be in a new house before the baby comes,” McKinney explains to Bookout during their Teen Mom OG fight.

However, Bookout, who is due to give birth to her second child next month, doesn’t feel the same.

“I just don’t want to settle for a house just to get a bathtub. If we got in a hurry and had to buy a house before this baby came, we would be settling.”

During an interview with MTV during the Teen Mom OG: Featured Moment, via a May 7 report by MTV News, Bookout explained her position and revealed her frustrations with McKinney’s behavior during their Teen Mom OG fight.

“We were on the same page about buying a house — we both wanted to move out of where we were living, but I didn’t necessarily want to buy a house and settle for something that we didn’t really love just because we were trying to get out of where we were. It was a bit aggravating because I didn’t really feel like he was seeing my point of view.”

This Teen Mom OG fight is likely the first of many for Bookout and the soon-to-be new father. After all, they’ve just begun filming for the show and are sure to reveal more and more of their relationship to the cameras as the season goes on — especially now that Bookout’s son, 6-year-old Bentley, will no longer be taking part in the series.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Bookout and McKinney appear to be at odds regarding when they will become engaged. According to Bookout, McKinney is aware that she wants to get engaged sooner rather than later, but unfortunately he has yet to propose, which could lead to another Teen Mom OG fight in the upcoming weeks.

“He knows that I would have rather been engaged or married before we were pregnant. I would prefer to be planning a wedding right now. I feel like there is no point in waiting.”

During an interview last month, Bookout spoke of marriage further, saying she was sure she’d marry McKinney in the near future.

Will Bookout’s marital pressures lead to another Teen Mom OG fight?

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