Simon Saran Meets Girlfriend Farrah Abraham’s Mom

Simon Saran was introduced to the mother of Farrah Abraham, Debra Danielson, during Monday night’s episode of Teen Mom OG. During their meeting, which took place at Abraham’s home in Austin, Texas, Danielson revealed how their family operates.

“We communicate out loud, so if you’re shy or you like to keep secrets, it doesn’t work too good with us,” Danielson told Simon Saran in a Teen Mom OG: Featured Moment, via a May 7 report by MTV News.

“Or some fake bulls— type of thing,” added Abraham.

Looking back, Abraham was impressed with the way Simon Saran dealt with her mother’s comments, as well as the entire introduction. Typically, said Abraham, Danielson can be judgmental, both regarding her and her men, so she was happy with how everything went.

“[Simon Saran] handled the introduction to my mom really well. It was a challenge for me, and I think it was because my mom tends to act different when I bring men around.”

In addition to worrying about how her mother would deal with meeting Simon Saran, Abraham was also concerned about whether or not he would be able to enter into his relationship with Danielson with a clean slate, despite his girlfriend’s troubled past with her. Luckily, [Simon Saran] did just that.

“I didn’t know if [Simon Saran] could look past some of our tiffs and arguments that we have, and it looks like [Simon Saran] did a great job.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Abraham nearly didn’t allow Simon Saran to appear on Teen Mom OG. In an interview with OK! Magazine, Abraham explained the following.

“I’m not so open to allowing people to see my relationship with my boyfriend so much. It’s something that I really believe in. I don’t want too much of anything messing that up, which some things do, and you get to see that during the season.”

Abraham and Simon Saran began dating months ago, after a number of failed relationships and an appearance on VH1’s Couples Therapy. During the VH1 reality show, Abraham was seen solo after her alleged boyfriend mysteriously disappeared. Also appearing on the show was her mother.

Simon Saran is one of two boyfriends who has been seen on the show. The first boyfriend was Daniel Alvarez, who appeared on Teen Mom.

For more of Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran, tune into Teen Mom OG on Monday nights at 10 p.m. on MTV.

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