Heather Thomson Calls Out Sonja Morgan: ‘Please Dear… Why Do I Even Care?’

Heather Thomson runs a successful shapewear company, and she has promoted the company on The Real Housewives of New York. Both Heather and Bethenny Frankel have found business success in New York, so it isn’t surprising that Sonja Morgan asked them both for business advice. However, both Thomson and Frankel agreed that Morgan is way too disorganized and unfocused when it comes to business.

Now, Heather Thomson is upset about Morgan’s comments in regards to business. All of the women want to see her succeed, but these women have experience and they feel that she is making the wrong decisions. Now, Thomson is calling out Sonja for saying things about her that aren’t true.

According to a new Bravo report, Heather Thomson is furious that her co-star is calling her out for not helping her or supporting her. When Heather helped her out, she didn’t charge her for her services. And yet, Morgan felt that she wasn’t getting enough as she thought herself as a client.

“I’ve always tried to be on Team Sonja. And to contradict her recent blog, I don’t ever, have never, and will never stand on a soap box unless I am advocating for a charity or helping others. I also don’t preach, and I don’t judge another. Strong opinions, however, mostly in areas I am well versed, I do often have. These are simple facts about me,” Heather Thomson revealed in her recent blog after Sonja called her out.

Of course, Heather has been spending lots of time helping Morgan over the past few years. On a previous season of the show, Thomson put all of her efforts and resources into helping Morgan with her toaster oven. The toaster oven never happened, despite Heather’s best efforts. Many blame this failure on Sonja’s lack of focus.

“But back to Sonja… please, dear, if you are going to call me out on anything, please let it be that I’m an obvious glutton for punishment! Why do I even care?!” Heather Thomson revealed, adding, “And I’ve always been eager to help Sonja, so I would have thought she would have wanted to hear my thoughts on her new venture?”

Even though Heather Thomson doesn’t get along with Bethenny, she did give her props for trying to give their co-star a reality check when it comes to business. According to the Inquisitr, Thomson doesn’t seem too thrilled to be friends with Frankel, as she comes across a bit abrasive.

What do you think of Heather Thomson’s comments?

[Image via Bravo]