‘Dead End Express’ Wilderness TV Reality Series Premieres Tonight On National Geographic

Dead End Express: Welcome to the Wilderness, a new TV docu-series will make its debut tonight on the National Geographic channel. Produced by Original Media and Punchdrunk, the one-hour reality TV show will follow various emergency transporters as they deliver goods to mountain people who live off the grid in remote areas of the wilderness. The cast of Dead End Express: Welcome to the Wilderness stars Chuck Allen, Rob Kinkade, Brice Barnes, Jeff Hemann, Roger Phillips, Andy Breland, and Paul Hemann, according to Broadway World.

Cut off from society by rugged mountains and dangerous rivers, these emergency transporters do everything they can to get the goods to their friends and clients before it’s too late. The difficult terrain, bad weather, and occasional equipment malfunctions present many challenges to the crews, but these bush pilots, jet boat pilots, and horse packers wouldn’t have it any other way.

Take Alaskan bush pilot Rob Kinkade, for example. He enjoys the freedom of flying like a bird in the sky when he makes these trips to drop off supplies. But he also plans ahead just in case something goes wrong. Kinkade stated the following, according to Mens Health.

“If I know it’ll be rough out there, I’ll meticulously check everything two or three times — the flight plans, my fuel, the wings. It gives me peace of mind.”

To these tough guys, nothing can compare to the freedom of quiet roads and the wide open space. And don’t forget the people who are actually living out in these remote places, where every day can present a new challenge. With the possibility of medical emergencies, lack of supplies, wild animals, and cold weather facing them daily, many wonder why anyone would choose to live so far away from society.

Make no mistake: These self-sufficient mountain people know how to survive. They build their own homes, work their own land, and in many cases, they grow their own food. If there is something they can’t make or grow, they just order it.

Making the great escape from the stressful hustle and bustle of urban life is well worth it for many. Get ready to become addicted to the beautiful scenery, the outdoor shots, and the true stories of how many survive while living out in the wild.

Here is what you’re in for on Dead End Express: Welcome to the Wilderness tonight at 10 p.m. ET.

“Hells Canyon, Idaho:
Jet boat pilot Brice Barnes responds to an emergency message from his friend Jason and must brave the rapids of the Snake River just as the sun is setting.

Aniak, Alaska:
Bush pilot Rob Kinkade makes an emergency medicine delivery to his off-gridder friend Jim Smith, aka “Wildman,” and tackles a hazardous landing strip in the high tundra.

Horse packers Andy Breland and Chuck Allen battle steep switchbacks and rainstorms to carry supplies up a mountain to a team restoring an old fire lookout cabin. When they arrive, they get the news that another fire tower is in trouble, and the pair must take on a new challenge, racing against time and the elements.”

[Photo Credit: Twitter]