Want To Get Into 50 Cent’s Underwear? New Luxury Line Available Now

50 Cent Launches Frigo Luxury Underwear Line

You may know him from rap hits like “Candy Shop” and “In Da Club,” but now 50 Cent is working to make a name for himself in style.

50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, sat down with Forbes to talk about the launch of his luxury underwear line, Frigo. 50 Cent admitted that style is something that is important to him.

50 Cent explained to Forbes, “If you want important people to take you seriously, even if you’re trying to help them, you’d better look like you mean business.”

And when getting down to business, it’s best to start underneath it all. 50 Cent’s latest venture is a collaboration with sports stars Carmelo Anthony and Derek Jeter, along with Mathias Ingvarsson, who is the former president of mattress giant Tempur-Pedic. It is this joint venture with such diverse talents that lead the New York Post to refer to 50 Cent’s luxury underwear line as the “Tempur-Pedic banana hammocks.”

So what makes 50 Cent’s underwear line so special? The underwear is specially designed to “keep the wearer’s most valuable possessions,” or as 50 cent would say, his “man apples,” separated from the rest of the body, using “a patented adjustable pouch.”

The New York Times adds that the “interior mesh pouch that is suspended from elastic straps, so it can be adjusted to fit different characteristics of the male anatomy,” which lead them to dub Frigo as “Victor’s Secret.’

50 Cent admitted to Forbes that while many people are used to “purchasing in a pack of three” their boxers or briefs, 50 Cent’s Frigo line runs from $30 to $100 per pair.

So why would anyone wish to purchase a pair of $100 underwear designed by 50 Cent? 50 Cent says it’s all about water.

50 Cent got into the bottled water industry in 2007 after he”saw a bottle of water for 59 cents and another right next to it priced at $2.59. I wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference if you’d poured them in to two separate glasses! That’s when I thought ‘I need to be in the water business.'”

His success in the water business has pushed 50 Cent to find the same kind of success in another industry.

50 Cent explained, “The concept of luxury under-garments for women has created a multibillion dollar industry – so doing the same for men has the potential to create a whole category in the market.”

“When you create something that has a technology angle to it, as Frigo does, it creates a level of sophistication about the brand and people will make a mental adjustment to get into it,” added 50 Cent.

So why else does 50 Cent think Frigo will be a success?

50 Cent told Forbes, “Well because I think the product speaks for itself. Because the attention to detail in each item is incredible. And finally…because I said so!”

With confidence like that, it’s hard to imagine how 50 Cent’s Frigo luxury underwear couldn’t succeed.

[Photo Courtesy of CNBC]