Julius Webster: 'The First 48' Will Feature Cleveland Trial Of 'Heartless Felons' Gang Leader For Murder Of Curtis Marks

The Julius Webster-Curtis Marks trial will be featured on tonight's episode of The First 48. Curtis Marks was a loving father who was shot dead on the streets of Cleveland in 2013. The episode, entitled "After The First 48: The Rookie," will chronicle how rookie detective Kathy Cruz investigated the fatal shooting death of Curtis Marks and the events leading to the capture of his killer, 27-year-old Julius Webster, the leader of the notorious street gang Heartless Felons.

Julius Webster, the Heartless Felons gang leader, was a suspect in the murder of several individuals in the Cleveland area, according to Cleveland.com. Police arrested Webster for the murder of Curtis Marks, a father who was gunned down outside nightclub Fly High in August of 2013.

Detective Kathy Cruz, along with Detective Raymond Diaz, arrived on the scene that day where they found the body of an African-American male with a gunshot wound to the side. The victim, identified as Curtis Leon Marks Jr., was transported to the hospital but died upon arrival. Detectives believed that Marks was killed after someone tried to rob him.

A photo of Curtis L. Marks Jr. Everyone called him 'Pop.'
A photo of Curtis L. Marks Jr. Everyone called him "Pop."

At the crime scene, police officers found little evidence and few clues and needed someone to come forward to tell what they had seen. There had been people in the area who knew exactly what happened to Curtis Marks. However, no one was willing to come forward in the beginning because everyone feared the Heartless Felons and the gang's leader, Julius Webster.

Webster was a tall, handsome, but dangerous man in the city -- and everyone in the city of Cleveland knew it. But despite the fear, a witness who was with the victim that night finally came forward to point the finger at Webster and another man.

Robert Porter was the other man who had helped Julius Webster rob and kill Curtis Marks that night. Porter eventually admitted to his part in the killing. After a long pursuit, Julius Webster was also arrested and taken to the county jail. Before trial, the witness had become intimated because he feared for his life. While in custody, Julius Webster managed to make phone calls and write letters to threaten witnesses. Robert Porter testified against Julius Webster, leading a Cuyahoga County to find him guilty. Today, he is currently serving out his life sentence. He won't be eligible for parole for 99 years.

Tonight's The First 48 episode will show viewers how Julius Webster was finally caught and the dramatic events at his trial. Here is the tease for tonight's show.

"A beloved son and father is shot to death in Cleveland during a robbery; and the single eyewitness becomes increasingly terrified of testifying because of the defendant's violent reputation."

Don't forget to tune in to watch 'After The First 48: The Rookie' at 9/8 c on A&E.

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