Three Killer ‘GTA V’ Mods You Need To Try Today [Videos]

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Pretty much anything goes with GTA V mods these days. With the new mods, you can even drop a humpback whale on unsuspecting pedestrians, convince random citizens to turn into gun-toting rioters, and pick up heavy objects (like a humpback whale) with a gravity gun. Here’s everything you need to know about the GTA V mods you need to snag today.

What’s a seaside city without marine life? We don’t know because now you can dump mammoth humpback whales on the citizens of GTA V’s San Andreas. According to Digital Trends, this GTA V mod has been available for a while, but if you don’t know about it, you do now. It’s part of the Native Trainer, Script Hook V modification created by Alexander Blade.

There’s a lot you can do with these mods, but dumping a giant blue whale onto unsuspecting cars and blowing them up needs to be the first one you try. As expected (but can really anything be expected in such an expansive world?), GTA V characters’ reactions are hilarious, from women who find a way to circumnavigate a grandiose whale blocking their car, completely ignoring it in the process, to the normal screaming and blank stares. You can even launch a whale to explode a low-flying aircraft.

If trolling pedestrians is more your thing, the new GTA V Pedestrian Riot mod is one of the coolest, according to PC Gamer. In this apocalyptic modification, random citizens can attack you, attack each other, or just attack anything that moves, really. Sometimes they don’t just have guns, as the mod also gives them rocket launchers and bombs so you can get sent to the hospital in a hail of gunfire.

Still want to take your GTA V for PC experience to the next level? Well, you can now get a gravity gun, just like the one you had in the second game, and pick up anything and shoot it off into the sunset, according to Digital Trends. The gravity gun mod was created by developer MatriZ, and although it’s less exciting than dropping a whale on San Andreas, you can still cause untold mayhem on the streets of Los Santos. This includes launching police cars into helicopters that want to shoot you down or ejecting random citizens into water. You do need to have Script Hook V installed.

With the recent release of the new Rock Star Editor, which allows you to capture and edit gameplay, you can use the “Director” mode to create killer GTA V movies using a mod that features a launched whale, zombie-like citizens with guns, and pretty much anything your gamer heart desires.

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