Kevin Jonas Offers Zayn Malik Advice After One Direction Twitter Feud

After the big blow out on Twitter between Zayn Malik and his former One Direction bandmate Louis Tomlinson, Kevin Jonas has offered some advice. He told the Bradford singer to lay low for a while after the Twitter feud. This comes from dealing with a near fallout with his brothers after the Jonas Brothers split up.

Malik has not had it easy since choosing to leave One Direction. First the fans were upset, and then he had to deal with his former bandmate mocking him. Tomlinson was irritated by Zayn’s decision to leave and took it out on an image that he had posted. The singer tweeted about how at one time Mac filters were considered cool, and that “some people still do.” Malik found himself pulled into it by commenting that Louis needed to get a life. His Twitter handle was also changed to remove the 1D out of it, according to the New York Daily News.

The feud pulled other singers and celebrities into it, with Noel Gallagher, former frontman of Oasis, joining the list. He made fun of Zayn Malik’s decision to leave, saying that he could have had anything he wanted had he stayed with the band. He also offered advice, telling the former band member to get a “good accountant,” as “life is long.” Many would be forgiven for believing that now would be a good time for Zayn to act on any solo plans. However, Kevin Jonas has advised him not to, states Unreality TV.

There are still many people angry and upset, and it would be best to “let the dust settle.” This includes any interviews he may consider to explain why he decided to leave. Jonas went as far to suggest that Malik go completely dark and deep. That period should last at least six weeks to allow time for the dust to settle, but it could take longer considering the popularity of One Direction. After the Twitter feud, many fans started attacking the former member. He took to Twitter again to question why people were attacking him for defending himself. He still loves his fans, and nothing he said was meant to offend them.

There is a lot of advice that people can give. Kevin Jonas is possibly one to listen to, after deciding now is the time to step in the limelight again after his break from the band with his two brothers, Nick and Joe. Zayn Malik just has to wait it out, and could end up back on top.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]