‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: JJ and Paige Plan Future As Eve and Cole Plot Against Them

Days of Our Lives spoilers for May 7, 2015 reveal that JJ and Paige’s relationship will be in danger yet again. The couple who only recently decided to get back together will be busy planning for their future, but what they don’t know is that they might not have a future together, We Love Soaps reports.

According to the report, Paige’s mother, Eve Donovan, has teamed up with JJ’s enemy, Cole, and the two are trying to drive a wedge between JJ and Paige. Eve claims that she doesn’t like JJ and that he is not good enough for her daughter. However, it seems more than obvious that the real reason she wants JJ and Paige apart is because she’s strangely obsessed with JJ.

As Days of Our Lives fans will remember Eve and JJ carried on a torrid affair behind Paige’s back, and when Paige found out JJ was cheating the couple ended their relationship. Later, JJ’s mother, Jennifer, discovered that her young son was getting intimate with his girlfriend’s mother and threatened to tell Paige exactly who JJ had been sleeping with if Eve didn’t back off and let JJ and Paige be together.

While Jennifer thinks Eve has back off, she’s really conspiring with Cole to take her daughter’s boyfriend down. In fact, it looks like the two may try to get JJ in some legal trouble as the college student has a record and was once a bit of a bad boy before he fell in love with Paige. Will JJ get into trouble and lose Paige, or will Eve finally have the entire situation blow up in her face?

Meanwhile, back in Salem, Sonny and Will may be headed for even more trouble as Paul Norita is headed back to town. Paul has previously been intimate with both Will and Sonny and his presence can and likely will make trouble for Will and Sonny’s already fragile marriage, Enstarz reports.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Sonny’s father, Justin Kiriakis recently spoke to both Paul and Sonny about finding their happiness and seems to be very team Paul. This could be because Will cheated on Sonny, but it seems to have more to do with the fact that Will’s father, Lucas Horton has been sleeping with Justin’s wife, Adrienne Kiriakis. Let’s just say there is a lot of cheating going down on Days of Our Lives.

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[Photo Credit: NBC]