Adam Levine Gets Sugar Bombed While Greeting Fans [WATCH THE VIDEO]

In a frightening moment while greeting fans outside of talk show host Jimmy Kimmel’s studio Wednesday evening, Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine was pelted with a heavy dose of powdered sugar by someone in the crowd.

Adam Levine, who is also known for his work as a mentor on The Voice, was a scheduled guest on Kimmel’s show. Levine and his Maroon 5 bandmates are well known for their interaction with fans, so it came as no surprise when Levine took some time out to say “hello” to the crowd gathered outside. The surprise came in the form of a giant poof of powdered sugar that smacked Levine in the side of the face, exploding all over his clothes as well as Adam’s surrounding entourage of security and assistants.

A video uploaded by PopCandiesTv captured the attack on Levine. Watch it here:

[Warning: Video contains graphic language.]

Ironically, Adam Levine had just discussed odd interactions he has had with fans during his interview with Jimmy Kimmel, including a fan that had rushed the stage during one of Levine’s performances as well as a fan that he accidentally struck with a microphone.

And in another ironic twist, in January, Adam Levine and Maroon 5 released a video of the band purportedly crashing weddings with impromptu reception sets. The title of the song? “Sugar.” The alleged weapon of sweet destruction in the attack on Levine? Powdered sugar. Could this be a disgruntled groom who was jilted by Levine and his band? Was this just another one of Jimmy Kimmel’s practical jokes in which Levine was the sugar coated punchline? Was this a protest statement against Adam Levine “Sexiest Man” title or simply just a random act of sugaring? At this point, authorities have not released a motive in the matter.

While Adam Levine may not be the first celebrity to be attacked in such a manner (remember Tom Cruise and the water squirting microphone?) even “harmless” attacks can be jolting. In 2008, English model Katie Piper was disfigured and blinded when sulphuric acid was thrown in her face. Undoubtedly, every time someone stages one of these offensives, even the most down to earth celebrities like Adam Levine are shaken up.

Thankfully in this case Adam Levine was safe and unharmed, though a little sweeter, and while Adam was rushed back into the studio to clean up, the suspected sugar thrower was apprehended by security, eventually being whisked off to jail for battery.

[Image courtesy of EOnline.]

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