Maroon 5 Stages Fake Weddings In ‘Sugar’ Video — Say It Isn’t So!

The Maroon 5 wedding video featuring their new single “Sugar” is making many brides-to-be hopeful that Adam Levine will surprise them at their upcoming wedding. The music video has been going viral on social media, with over 33 million people viewing and sharing it — but did the newly married couples really get a surprise visit from Levine and his band, or was it completely staged?

The “Sugar” video (above) starts out with Maroon 5 driving through the streets of L.A. promising to “hit every wedding we can” and surprise unsuspecting brides and grooms, and their guests, by performing a live rendition of the catchy tune at their wedding receptions.

Turns out, it wasn’t really a surprise at all. In fact, most of it was staged.

Adam Levine Wedding Video Fake

While Levine tells Entertainment Tonight that “only the grooms knew” about the band’s surprise appearance, it appears that is not really how it went down. Cosmopolitan reveals that several of the brides, grooms, and even wedding guests were either models or actors in the Maroon 5 “Sugar” video.

Remember the wedding guest who looked totally star-struck when Adam Levine took to the stage to surprise the bride and groom at one of the weddings shown in the music video? One Cosmo reader was savvy enough to find out that he’s actor Eric Satterberg.

Will he be up for an Academy Award? Probably not, but mostly because he is doing a mediocre job trying to convince people that he’s an actor and a wedding crasher.

Actor Stephen Woo and his wife, Barbara, both appeared at one of the weddings the band supposedly crashed. They confirmed to their Facebook followers shortly after the video was released that the Maroon 5 video was staged, and that several other weddings were filmed in the same location. Hours later, Woo retracted his statement and edited his Facebook post. It’s likely he was under contract not to release the fact that the weddings were staged — apparently he forgot about that.

Maroon 5 Sugar Weddings

While it appears that most of the weddings were staged, one of the brides confirmed to Cosmopolitan that she did get married at a “legit” ceremony, and only her husband knew about the ceremony. E! News reports that one bride and her husband were picked after the band did a Twitter call-out for upcoming L.A. weddings.

No word on who answered the call-out on Twitter, but does it really matter? “Sugar” is a great song. And the video? It will make you smile. At the end of the day, that’s probably what Maroon 5 was hoping for.

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