Has Lenovo Produced The Apple MacBook Killer With New LaVie Z Laptop?

Apple has produced one slick laptop with the new MacBook and many are in shock over how thin the device is. Despite mixed reviews, actual buyers really love the new MacBook.

At the MacRumors forums, some people are complaining about the price, but really like Apple’s device. User goodmoves summarizes what a lot of other owners are saying about Apple’s new MacBook.

“I have been using this MacBook for several days now, and I can tell you that my productivity has gone up significantly over what I was used to with my already amazing 15″ Retina MacBookPro, just by virtue of me being able to use it practically anywhere due to it’s [sic] portability and ‘fun’ factor. As an Architect, design and functionality are my priorities, and this MacBook combines the best attributes of any machine out there with very little compromises for the average user. The keyboard is out of this world and has -at least perceptually- increased my typing speed. The Trackpad has that ‘Magic’ factor attached to it.”

However, it appears that, at least to many critics, Lenovo has outdone Apple with the new 13-inch LaVie Z laptop. We’ll let Lily Hay Newman from Slate explain.

“So it seems kind of important that Lenovo just casually released a competitor that is lighter, has tons of standard ports, and has a bigger screen (that can also be a touchscreen)…Lenovo first announced the LaVie Z laptop in January and promised that it would be 1.72 pounds. The company missed the mark on that a little bit, since the device is debuting at 1.87, but given that the new MacBook weighs 2.03 pounds, it’s still impressive.”

While the MacBook has been criticized for having only one port (USB-C), The LaVie Z has two USB 3.0 ports, one HDMI-out port, and an SD card reader. The Lenovo LaVie Z also has a full-powered Intel Core i7 processor unlike the MacBook’s underpowered Intel Core M processor. Sean Portnoy from ZDNet is also impressed with Lenovo’s masterpiece, but thinks that the price may be an issue.

“Though the LaVie Z weighs a little more than Lenovo touted at CES, and the LaVie Z 360 is a couple of ounces heavier than the non-360 version, the new laptops prove that Apple doesn’t have a monopoly on being able to slim down notebooks to next to nothing. The ability to squeeze a Core i7 processor into the LaVie Z is better still, but are you willing to pay more than the already expensive MacBooks for this package?”

You can order the Lenovo LaVie Z right now. Do you think Lenovo has truly created the MacBook killer? Tell us in the comments section.

[Photo Credit: ZDNet]