UFO Alien ‘Smoking Gun’ Photos Unveiled — But UFOlogists Cry Foul At ‘Roswell Slides’ Display

The infamous “Roswell slides,” said to be newly discovered photos of an alien creature recovered from a UFO crash at Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947, were displayed publicly for the first time in Mexico City, Mexico, Tuesday night. But the new photos have many of even the most devoted UFO researchers and enthusiasts crying foul.

The buildup to the release of the recently unearthed slides showing the carcass of some sort of a humanoid being had been immense in the community of UFO fans and those who, like Fox Mulder on The X Files, “want to believe” that Earth is regularly visited by highly advanced travelers from other worlds in their own super-sophisticated spacecraft.

But when the slides were finally put on display Tuesday in front of a reported 6,000 spectators at National Auditorium in Mexico City, the reaction was collective groan. An undetermined number of other alien hunters who paid $20 for live streaming video of the event were also unimpressed.

This is one example of what many of the UFO enthusiasts who saw the slides either in person or online found highly disappointing.

And here are a couple of examples of the response from UFO fans, that seemed typical of many who saw the display.

Other researchers noted that the the “alien” bore an uncanny resemblance to photos known to be taken of mummified children from ancient Egypt and Rome, which reside in museums today.

“I thought immediately it was a child mummy. It’s in some sort of display case,” Biblical scholar Michael Heiser told Britain’s Express newspaper. “I’ve shown the photo to several Egyptologists. They said the same thing. You can see why when you juxtapose the ‘alien’ photo with a child mummy photograph. Funny how they both have the tell-tale body cavity opening.”

Here’s an example of the child mummy photos that he’s talking about.

And Heiser was certainly not alone in his analysis.

The photos were allegedly discovered in the attic of an Arizona couple by journalist and filmmaker Adam Dew, who claims that because the slides supposedly date to 1947, they could not have been faked.

“People in the late 40s were not staging aliens, as far as I can tell,” Dew told the UFO site OpenMinds.tv. “That image of the big head and skinny body didn’t become popular in pop culture until the 60s. So we know that it is not a fake staged alien, as far as I can tell.”

While some UFO researchers backed Dew and continue to insist that the “Roswell slides” actually depict an alien from the legendary “UFO crash” in 1947, Nick Pope — who has run UFO investigations for the British Defense Ministry, said, “I can understand why the UFO community is disappointed and conspiracy theorists are probably already claiming the whole thing was a government plot, designed to discredit the subject and
make it look ridiculous.”

[Image: Columbia Pictures Publicity Still]

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