‘Criminal Minds’ Spoilers, Renewal News: What Can Fans Expect As Season 10 Wraps?

The Season 10 finale of Criminal Minds airs Wednesday night on CBS and fans will not want to miss this one. Kate’s niece goes missing and all hands are on deck to find her before it’s too late. What Criminal Minds spoilers are available for the May 6 episode titled “The Hunt”? Has the show been renewed for Season 11 or has it been canceled?

As viewers saw in last week’s episode, Meg and Markayla thought they were headed to a concert to meet Bobby via a ride from his mom. Unfortunately, that’s not what was really happening. TVLine teases that as Kate prepares for a long night of working, she receives a text from Meg.

Kate explains that because of the work she does, she and Meg have orchestrated specific security protocols. If Meg is ever in trouble, she is supposed to text “pepper” to her aunt. Kate gets a text that simply says, “pep” from Meg, and when she tries to call back, the call goes to voice mail.

Criminal Minds spoilers detail that it doesn’t take long for the team to dig into the case, worried that the girls may have been snatched in a human trafficking incident. This will seemingly tie back to the case they worked with at the beginning of the season.

A Criminal Minds spoiler sneak peek from Entertainment Weekly shows the team at Kate’s house and Garcia soon finds video showing the girls getting into the van. The team is given assignments as Kate stands holding back tears, worrying for her niece.

Viewers will see Kate’s husband Chris, played by Greg Grunberg, as she needs him to help them with the case. As she’s explaining, though, she seems to faint. As difficult as it will be for Kate, she has to be on the outskirts of this investigation and it seems viewers will see a different side of Kate Callahan in this episode.

Will the team find Meg safe and sound? It seems likely they will, and TVLine says that the season won’t end on a cliffhanger. However, it may not be an entirely happy ending either like how Season 9 ending with a party.

While the investigation into Meg’s disappearance will be emotional and difficult, there is a bit of happy news ahead. TV Guide teases that JJ will reveal that she’s expecting another baby, as actress A.J. Cook’s real-life pregnancy has been written into the show.

It sounds as if storylines will be wrapped up relatively well at the end of the Season 10 finale, which is good news for fans. Of course they want more though and it doesn’t sound as if this is structured to be a series finale. Has Criminal Minds been renewed or canceled for Season 11?

For now, CBS hasn’t announced any decisions for this show or the potential spin-off Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders. A decision should be coming soon and most seem to fully expect a Season 11 order. Confirmation of a renewal, or news of a cancellation, is expected to come in mid-May.

Will Kate’s niece Meg be okay? Will Criminal Minds be renewed for Season 11? Stay tuned for news as it all plays out.

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