Kathy Hilton Thanks Joanna Krupa For Her ‘Kind Words’ About Kim Richards

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Kathy Hilton is the older step-sister of the recently arrested Kim Richards. Since the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills‘ arrest, which led to her seeking treatment, Kathy Hilton and the rest of the family, including sister Kyle, have been bombarded with questions and comments about Richards. They’ve also dealt with backlash — but not from Joanna Krupa.

Last week in Los Angeles, while dining with her husband, Romain Zago, Krupa was questioned about rumors regarding Richards’ mother and asked if the woman’s alleged pressures on Richards were what led to her relapse. In response, Krupa stayed mum, and on May 6, Kathy Hilton took to Twitter, where she thanked the Real Housewives of Miami star for not speaking ill of her sister.

“Thank you for your kind words about @KimRichards11. It’s refreshing to see someone not capitalizing off someone’s misfortune xo.”

During her interview with X17 Online, Krupa explained of recent rumors, “I don’t know, but I love Kyle Richards so I wouldn’t say anything bad about her sister.”

Then, when asked if she thought rehab would help Kathy Hilton’s sister, Krupa said, “I’m sure, Kyle, her sister, knows best. I don’t know Kim, so I don’t want to comment because I don’t want to say something that’s going to hurt the family.”

Krupa answered the cameraman’s prying questions with grace, and understandably, Kathy Hilton was appreciative.

Throughout the fifth season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the Richards sisters were at odds. And sadly, the tension between them on-screen was also a factor off-screen and led to months of estrangement once production wrapped. In the middle of it all was their older sister, Kathy Hilton, who did her best to stay neutral.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Kyle Richards spoke of sister Kathy Hilton’s thoughts on their feud during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live. During her visit to Andy Cohen’s late night series, Kyle said Kathy Hilton was stuck in the middle of their ongoing family feud.

“That is a very good question. You know, it’s difficult for [Kathy Hilton]. She’s in a complicated position because she’s not there when we’re filming. So then we go back and she hears my version, and then she hears Kim’s version, and then she has to kind of wait and see the show. So, I think she kind of feels stuck to be honest.”

To see the full interview Kathy Hilton was referring to, check out the video below:

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