Lil Wayne ‘Selsun Blue’ Video Shows Off His Skateboarding, Prescription Med-Taking Skills As Mr. Rogers Flips The Bird [Video]

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The video called “Selsun Blue” is lighting up Twitter, a video embedded below that just started trending on Wednesday morning, according to Twitter’s hubbub. Watch Lil Wayne’s “Selsun Blue” video below, but be warned about the lyrics and NSFW words. Whereas previously fans heard the song off his Sorry 4 The Wait 2 mixtape, as reported by the Inquisitr, now fans can see the visuals attributed to the song.

“I’m so sorry; I feel terrible.”

Surprisingly, those “Selsun Blue” visuals include a black and white video clip of Mr. Rogers flipping the bird to the camera — an unexpected thing to see from a former Presbyterian minister. Lil Wayne also shows himself popping pills from a prescription bottle and smoking a blunt and showing off pretty impressive skills as a skater at an indoor skating park, all while he rhymes along to the remix of Troy Ave’s “All About The Money” hit.

“Stack a hundred dollar bills in a scrunchie.”

In “Selsun Blue,” Tunechi rhymes about stacking money and how odd it would be for him not to have money and about women and about how he hates when the police shut down their skateboarding fun. According to BET and other publications, his skateboarding skills in the ‘Selsun Blue’ video are impressive, even while folks debate Lil Wayne’s rhyming skills in comparison to his older days.

“Miami in the winter-time…”

Despite the legal battle he’s engaged in with his former mentor “Baby,” Weezy sees fit to continually put out creative and controversial music and accompanying videos.

“One of the wildest bees in my hive…”

“They just barking, they just faking, they gon’ settle down…”

“Chop a cocaine brick like a Sensei…”

“Got the Ye locked down like Kim K…”

[Image via YouTube]