Kevin Bacon Unrecognizable: Bloated Face Selfie Shocks Fans

Kevin Bacon Fat

Is Kevin Bacon unrecognizable in his latest selfie? That’s what many fans are saying as they look at the shocking photo of the actor’s bloated face. The Following star posted the selfie of his fuller face on Twitter, and fans freaked out, People Magazine reports.

According to the report, Kevin Bacon looks totally unrecognizable in the selfie, which was posted on Instagram on Monday. Everyone started to speculate about the picture of Bacon. Was he stung by a bee? Did he have an allergic reaction? Did he gain weight?

“No way is this Kevin, can’t even recognize any feature!”

However, in the photograph, Kevin seems to smiling in front of a trailer on some sort of set. It could be for TV or a movie, but it looks like his bloated face is fake.

Of course, the obvious joke that Kevin ate too much “bacon” and got fat was tossed around, but many fans believe that the actor could have a new gig, be shooting a commercial in the U.K., or possibly used a mobile app to alter his appearance.

News reports that Kevin Bacon wasn’t unrecognizable just two weeks ago when he attended a film premiere, so it looks like it isn’t any permanent weight gain making the Footloose star’s face look bloated and full. In fact, Bacon has always been slim and trim since he emerged on the Hollywood scene in films like Footloose, Tremors, Friday The 13th, Flatliners, He Said, She Said, and She’s Having a Baby.

Even as his role in The Following as Ryan Hardy, Kevin has bared his naked chest and showed off his toned upper half as the 56-year-old star has always seemed to stay in shape, and his famous wife Kyra Sedgwick is likely thankful for that.

Meanwhile, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, things are not going well for Bacon’s character Ryan Hardy on The Following. In Season 3 he seems to be struggling more than ever. Now that his nemesis Joe Carroll has been executed, he’s still having weird dreams and hallucinations about the serial killer and himself bonding over drinks and playing pool.

Ryan also recently started drinking again, which is huge since he’s a recovering alcoholic who nearly lost his career for his alcohol abuse. Ryan is now in jeopardy of losing it all again, his job, his girlfriend, family, friends, and his mind if he doesn’t get some help soon.

What are your thoughts on Kevin Bacon’s unrecognizable selfie?

[Photo Credit: Kevin Bacon Twitter]